Volunteers are our lifeblood but for now
the KWVR are not recruiting new
volunteers until we are back up
and running.


Our Fantastic Volunteers

Almost 50 years ago the Railway was saved from obscurity by a relatively small group of very dedicated railway supporters. From these small beginnings an extremely large and varied volunteer family has grown to operate and manage this leading preserved Railway. We are very proud of every single person who volunteers their time to keep this Railway where it is today. Whether it is driving a train or selling a visitor a ticket, without them our railway simply would not exist.

What jobs do volunteers do?

The volunteers who are most visible are those who operate the train service, run the stations and staff our shops and catering outlets. To ensure that all turns are filled, we operate a rostering system where volunteers are asked when they are available and how many turns they would like to do. Other volunteers do a variety of maintenance work ranging from gardening and painting, keeping the gas lights in working order, through to laying track and rebuilding locomotives and carriages.

How do I volunteer?

We cannot operate without our volunteers and, under normal circumstances, we are looking for volunteers in all departments. However these are not normal times and our Operations team are concentrating on plans to reopen the Railway before looking beyond into, what we hope , are normal times.

Volunteer recruitment is on hold at the moment until such time as we are open to the public again whenever that may be. Once we are up and running, we will update the situation on our volunteering page when we can accept applications again.

In the meantime, if you are wanting to volunteer, just hold back for now as, as you can imagine, we are receiving a lot of emails at a time when we are closed, so your enquiry may get lost, and we definitely do not want to lose your interest.

Keep a look out on the website and Social Media for an announcement as to when we will be accepting new applications. Then, and only then, please contact the Railway’s Volunteer Liaison Officer, by telephone on 07841 211950 or by email to volunteer@kwvr.co.uk



These are the questions that we are asked most by those wishing to consider volunteering and helping us run the railway.