Since 1968, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway has been carrying thousands of passengers on a heritage adventure through the Worth Valley.

Day Rover Ticket

A Day Rover is perfect for travelling and exploring the Worth Valley with unlimited travel for the whole day. Includes free entry to the award-winning Museum of Rail Travel and the Bahamas Locomotive Society’s ‘Ingrow Loco’ exhibition – both at Ingrow West Station.

Children (5-15) £10.00 £8.50
Children under 5FreeFree
Small Family (1 adult & 1 child)£25.00£21.25
Local Resident Card Holder & Members£10.00N/A
You can now save 15% on Day Rover Tickets when you purchase three days in advance online!

Full Line Return

The perfect way to enjoy a journey through the Worth Valley, with one full round trip of the line. These are available to only buy on the day from any booking office.

Children (5-15) £6.75
Children under 5Free
Local Resident Card Holder & Members£6.75
You can purchase a Full Line Return from any station

Other fares are available from any station on operating days, including full line returns, returns and single fares. You can also download the fares price list in PDF format here.

Ticket & Fares Information

Do you live in Postcode areas BD20, BD21 or BD22?

If so, see how you can take advantage of special reduced fares by having a Local Residents Railcard.

These tickets can be bought in advance or on the day.

A third child can travel free when purchasing two ‘Small Family Tickets’ for two adults and two children. A family of five can take advantage of one free children’s rover ticket to add to their ‘Small Family’ rover ticket purchase.

These tickets can be bought in advance or on the day.

Wheelchair Users

A wheelchair user travelling in their wheelchair can obtain a 50% discount on the relevant Day Rover or Full Line fare. This will also apply to special events but not on special trains.

One person (whether a necessary carer or not) can travel with the wheelchair user and also receive a 50% discount on their Day Rover or Full Line fare, provided they purchase their tickets together and travel together at all times. Discounted tickets cannot be used for any other ticket type or in conjunction with any other promotional offer, discount or free ticket.

Please be aware that Wheelchair Users may need to travel in the Guard’s Van on some trains.

Persons who are unable to visit the Railway without a Carer

Visitors who are only able to visit us with the assistance of a carer may claim a Free Carer’s Ticket for their carer, provided they purchase a standard full-priced Adult, Concession or Child Rover or Full Line ticket (as applicable) for themselves. In order to claim the Free Carer’s Ticket the disabled visitor (or the carer, on behalf of the disabled passenger) must present one of the following items of documentation, in the name of the disabled passenger:

• Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance award letter (dated within the last 12 months).
• Personal Independence Payment letter (dated within the last 12 months).
• An English National Bus Pass showing the +1 / +C logo (to indicate the cardholder may travel with one other person)
• Letter from GP or consultant (dated within the last 12 months) confirming the need for a full-time carer. This does not need to be a letter of diagnosis.

A carer must be over 16 years of age and capable of assisting the visitor who has a disability.

Please note, that each disabled visitor must provide the documentation above, and we will be unable to issue a Free Carer’s Ticket without seeing one of the above items of documentation.

Free Carers Tickets cannot be used if the disabled passenger is using any other ticket type or free ticket. The Free Carers Ticket is available for special events but is not available on special trains such as Santa or Catering trains.

Booking Carer Free tickets in advance

Discounted tickets for Wheelchair Users cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, including the Rover advance pricing promotion.

If you wish to claim a Free Carer Ticket and take advantage of the Rover advance pricing promotion for the other passengers in your group – Book an Adult / Concession / Child ticket, as appropriate, for the person who is being cared for (and anyone else in your party who is travelling with you). Do not book a ticket for the Carer.

When you have made your booking, please email, quoting your booking reference number, and say you wish to add a Free Carer Ticket to your booking. You will need to email us a picture or scanned copy of one of the evidential documents noted above in order for us to verify your entitlement. We will then add a Free Carer Ticket to your booking. We will be unable to add a Free Carer Ticket to your booking if you do not send us the required proof of entitlement.

The Railway is pleased to welcome all dogs and their owners onto our normal timetabled trains, subject to their owners ensuring that their dogs do not cause a distraction to the operation of the train or inconvenience and difficulties to fellow passengers. In addition, dogs are not allowed onto carriage seats.

In the opinion of the Station Master or Guard, if a dog is not in the control of its owner and is causing problems, the Station Master or Guard may, at their discretion, request the dog be taken away from the Railway’s premises or removed from the train at the next available station or be cared for by its owner in a more appropriate area away from other passengers.

However, dogs are NOT allowed in carriages where food is being served, for example, the Haworth Haddock dining train, nor on our more premium events such as the Scotch Flyer and Sparkle & Steam. If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service staff at Haworth Station, 01535 645214.

We recognise that these dogs provide valuable assistance, not only for the sight-impaired but also for those with hearing loss, epilepsy, diabetes, physical mobility problems and more. Assistance Dogs are welcome on ALL KWVR trains, for which no charge is made.

Assistance Dog Ticket: FREE

Tickets can be purchased at the booking offices of all six stations. Reservations are not required – other than for travel on specially advertised services and for groups of over 20 passengers.

It is now possible to purchase Day Rover Tickets before you arrive at the railway and when making your purchase more than 3 days in advance, you get 15% off! Tickets are available for normal operating days.

Concessionary Fares are available to

  • Holders of an English National Bus Pass (both Senior Blue or Disabled Yellow versions)
  • Any Adult aged 65 and over (proof of age may be required)
  • Students aged 16+ in full-time education who can produce a valid Student ID Card issued by an educational establishment.
  • Holders of National Rail Senior or Disabled Railcards (The Disabled Railcard only affords a discount for one person, any accompanying passengers would not receive a discount).

Staff from the Railways listed below should show their Staff ID Card to obtain the reduced prices. Discounts are not available to people who are just members and not staff, so membership cards on their own are not proof of entitlement. Valid Staff ID cards must be shown

Free Travel is afforded to staff from the Railways below:

  • North Yorkshire Moors Railway
  • East Lancashire Railway
  • East Somerset Railway
  • Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway
  • Great Central Railway
  • Kent & East Sussex Railway
  • Whistlestop Valley
  • Llangollen Railway
  • Middleton Railway
  • Severn Valley Railway
  • South Devon Railway
  • Spa Valley Railway
  • Strathspey Railway
  • North Norfolk Railway
  • Bluebell Railway
  • Dean Forest Railway
  • Swanage Railway
  • Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway
  • Wensleydale Railway
  • Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

Discounted Travel is afforded to staff from the Railways below:

  • Mid Norfolk Railway
  • Bodmin & Wenford Railway