Cheap Train Fares for Local Residents

If you live in the Keighley or Worth Valley area with a BD20, BD21 or BD22 then get a Local Residents Railcard for travel on the KWVR and enjoy the following privileges the Railcard gives you

  • Up to 50% off Standard Rail Fares
  • 10% discount, on the Buffet Car on the train
  • Take the train to Keighley to go shopping – avoid road congestion and parking problems
  • Why not visit Haworth for a visit to Main Street, or for a pleasant walk in the country?
  • A great trip out for all the family – great fun for kids!
  • Or simply travel on the train enjoying a pint of Real Ale in our Award-Winning Buffet Car
  • Free parking at most stations
  • Space for shopping, prams and bikes – all carried free!
  • Trains at convenient times

Since the line re-opened in 1968 the KWVR has very much been part of the local community, although primarily a tourist railway for visitors to the area. For many years, however, the KWVR has operated a scheme whereby those people who live local to the railway can get a discount on the price of their tickets – thereby really becoming a community railway.

Everything you need to know about a Local Residents Railcard

If you live in the postcode areas BD20, BD21 or BD22, you can get a Railcard.

A Railcard is valid for one person whose name and photo appear on it. Each Adult can take up to 3 children aged 5 to 15 inclusive at around half the local resident adult fare.

A Railcard costs £12.00 and is valid for one year, from 25th March 2024.

Railcard holders receive approximately a 50% discount on the standard fare on ordinary operating days. Different discounts will apply on special event dates coloured red in our timetables. On some event dates, no discounts may be available.

Adult Day Rover £22.00, Railcard holder £11.00
Adult Oxenhope – Keighley Return £15.00, Railcard holder £7.50

  • A Railcard is only valid for use by the person whose photograph appears on it. It must be shown on each journey when buying or inspecting tickets, whether requested or not. A Railcard is not valid if defaced in any way.
  • The Railcard entitles the holder to reduced fares on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway as may be advertised from time to time.
  • Reduced fares are not always available, or different discounts may apply, on special event days coloured red in our timetables. 
  • Reduced fares are not available on Special Trains such as Elf Explorer, Haworth Haddock, or other special trains that require reservations and advance booking. If an event occurs on the day you wish to travel, we advise checking the website for details.
  • The Railcard is not valid on any other transport undertaking.
  • Up to 3 accompanied children (aged 5 to 15) may travel with an adult cardholder at reduced fares. Reduced fares are not available for accompanying adults who do not have their own railcards.
  • Children wishing to travel unaccompanied may have their own Railcard, subject to the same terms and conditions stated above. Children with their own Railcards do not get any discounts for accompanying adults or children.
  • Provided your Railcard was issued from 25th March 2024 onwards, then lost Railcards may be replaced on payment of a £3 fee. You must provide a new passport-sized photo and proof of identity, and you can only obtain a replacement railcard at Haworth Station.
  • Prices are correct from 25th March 2024 until 31st March 2025.
  • The Railcard remains the property of the Keighley & Worth Valley Light Railway Limited and may be withdrawn at any time.
  • The Company’s standard Conditions of Carriage and Byelaws apply at all times.

To get a Railcard, you first need a passport-sized photo. Download the application form and then simply go down to your nearest KWVR station on a date we are running trains. Present your completed application form and passport-sized photo, provide proof of postcode, and we will issue your railcard. Proof of postcode must be something recent that shows your name and address, such as a driving licence or recent utility bill.

If you do not have the facility to download and print an application form, just call in at your local station when trains are running or call 01535 645214 between 09.30 – 16.30.

If you are purchasing a Railcard for a child or young person who may not have their own proof of address, the parent must present the application on behalf of the child or young person and must bring their own proof of address along with the child’s passport-sized photograph.