Facilities for school and group visits

Rail Story at Ingrow West Station has two museums and our Learning Coach classroom for facilitated workshops or self-guided visits. Our workshops cater for Early Years to Key Stage 3.

Plan Your Visit

  • Come to Ingrow West Station to visit our two museums – Carriage Works and Engine Shed.
  • Take part in a facilitated workshop in our Learning Coach classroom. Topics include Early Years stories and crafts, Victorian Seaside Holidays, World War II, Industrial Revolution, the Railway Children, Science and Engineering.
  • Travel on our Railway from any of our six stations.


You can spend up to four hours with us and we can provide somewhere for you to eat your lunch

AVisit the two accredited Muesums at Ingrow, Carriage Works and Engine Shed£60.00
BVisit the two Museums and a facilitated learning workshop£195.00*
CVisit the two Museums, a facilitated learning workshop and short train journey ^£300.00*
DVisit the two Museums, a facilitated learning workshop and full-line train journey ^^£392.00*~
EFull-line train journey £240.00 #
FVisit the two Museums and Full-line train journey£300.00
*Add an additional £29 (Option D) or £33 (Option B&C) VAT is added for workshops.
^Ingrow to Keighley return (10 mins’ travel time).
^^Full line return (40 mins’ travel time). Steam train includes a 25-minute wait at Keighley and Oxenhope while the locomotive changes end.
~Includes 10% discount.
#Shorter return and single journeys are available.

Our learning programme at Ingrow West Station offers workshops and experiences in a unique historic setting full of fascinating railway stories.
Our workshop themes include history, science, engineering and literature. We’re happy to discuss your requirements to develop a visit which meets curriculum needs and is right for you and your learners.

Teddy Bears

EYFS & Key Stage 1

Bring your teddy bears and join us for a day of fun and excitement! Meet Grizzly, Bouncer, Honey and Boo and hear about their adventure on the railway after being left in an empty house. Enjoy storytelling, a teddy picnic and a teddy bear craft activity as part of your day.

Seaside Holidays

Key Stage 1

Explore the fascinating bygone era of the Victorians – what did children wear, eat, or do on a visit to the seaside? How did they get there? Play Victorian games and explore our carriages which carried holidaymakers to the seaside. Come along in your Victorian clothing and take a step back into the past!

Art & Nature

Key Stage 1 & 2

From trains to trees and stations to scenic views, this Art workshop will take you on a journey along the railway where industry and nature meet. Once inspired, allow your artistic flair to come alive using a variety of materials to create your very own masterpiece.

Don’t Miss the Train

Key Stage 2

Take charge of the tracks and use a train timetable to plan a day out on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. Immerse yourself in the times and numbers, discovering the stories at each station to create a travel guide for your friends and family. 

Changes of State

Key Stage 2

What makes a steam train move? Which fuel gives the most energy? Put on your white coat and goggles and become a scientist. Have a go at a hands-on investigation into the scientific changes of state that fuelled the railway industry.

The Railway Children

Key Stage 2

Journey back in time on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway to the world of The Railway Children! Visit our gas-lit station at Oakworth to try on costumes and make your own tickets. Walk in the footsteps of Jenny Agutter and Bernard Cribbins to explore the film locations. See the engines and carriages associated with the film in our museums at Ingrow!

World War II

Key Stage 2

Take charge of the tracks and use a train timetable to plan a day out on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. Immerse yourself in the times and numbers, discovering the stories at each station to create a travel guide for your friends and family. 

Industrial Revolution

Key Stage 2

Why were the railways created and how did they impact the industrial and economic fabric of Britain? Find out how the industrial revolution changed our leisure time, the way we travelled and the food we ate. How does it still affect our lives to this day? 

Murder on the Rails

Key Stage 2 & 3

Elementary, my dear Watson. Help Sherlock Holmes and use your investigative skills to solve a murder most horrid – the perpetrator is still in the building! Work in groups to search for clues and evidence to discover who murdered Lord Worth and the motives behind this dastardly act. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Key Stage 2 & 3

Create your own short film or documentary using our museums and site as the backdrop. Take on the roles of script writer, director or presenter. Shoot your film, help edit and add effects and then watch your production in our ‘cinema’ before you depart.

Building Bridges

Key Stage 2

Coming Soon

Can’t come to us? Then we’ll come to you.

We can deliver assemblies, interactive presentations and learning activities. Topics include Railway Firsts, the Role of a Train Driver, The History of Rail Travel, Object Handling or Working at a Museum (suitable for career events). The cost is £80+VAT. We can also deliver a free Zoom tour of our museums on Friday mornings.

Want to drop by at one of our stations or have an idea we could develop? Get in touch.


Get in touch by completing the contact form, contacting Learning Manager Matt Arnold at learning@ingrowloco.com, or calling 07825 632123.


Facilitated workshops and the museums are available all year round. Visits can last up to four hours.

Diesel trains usually run on Wednesdays in April, May, September and October. Steam trains usually run in June and July on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Facilitated workshops linked to curriculum themes, two museums which tell the story of locomotives and carriages and travel on one of our heritage trains pulled by a steam or diesel locomotive.

A: Your group will be split into two and each one will have a dedicated facilitator who will be with you during most of the day. Half the group will work in the Learning Coach, our classroom converted from a passenger coach, while the other group explores the museums/undertakes an activity before swapping over.

Costs range from £60 to £392 per class.

Yes, we have indoor and outdoor options. These include carriages in the Carriage Works museum or the station garden at Ingrow, Oxenhope exhibition shed or playground, Keighley’s Old Parcel Office or during your journey on the train.

We recommend you bring your own packed lunches. There is a hot drinks machine, cold drinks fridge and snacks at Ingrow’s Carriage Works museum. On train operating days, there are usually opportunities to buy food and drink at Keighley, Oakworth, Haworth and Oxenhope.

Ingrow, our learning base, and Oxenhope have free, large car parks where there are spaces for minibuses and coaches. There is limited parking at Keighley and Oakworth (not suitable for large vehicles) and paid parking at Haworth.

Yes, this will be sent with a booking form in response to your initial enquiry.

Yes, this can be undertaken at a time to suit you – family and friends are welcome. Call the learning manager on 07825 632123 to arrange.

We work in partnership with Community Rail Lancashire which can offer free travel on the Northern Rail network in return for receiving a railway safety talk.

That’s no problem. We deliver outreach sessions at your school. The cost is £80+VAT.