The Vintage Carriages Trust (VCT) is a volunteer body formed in 1965 by a group of volunteers interested in wooden-bodied carriages. They saw a need to concentrate on preserving these historic items, which were in grave danger of disappearing due to the weather and vandalism damage and unsuitability for regular use on preserved railways of the day.

The Trust became a Registered Charity (No. 510776) in 1981 and a Registered Museum (No. 1202) in 1992. The Collection held by the Trust is at present nine historic railway carriages, three small industrial steam locomotives, a 1950’s diesel railbus and a collection of railway posters and other miscellaneous railway items. The carriages can only be seen occasionally out on the Railway due to their antiquity but can be viewed and explored inside the Museum where video presentations tell the tale of rail travel through the ages.

The Trust owns and operates the Museum of Rail Travel as part of Rail Story and is open every day except Christmas Day. There is a small charge for entry to the museum but is free to passengers on the railway who hold a Day Rover ticket.