The Railway Children

A children’s favourite, visit the Railway and surrounding attractions where the filming took place.

Step back in time and relive the famous story of The Railway Children. Stand on the bridge at Haworth and watch the vintage steam trains puff their way up and down the valley, or jump aboard and imagine you’re in The Railway Children as you travel to the Edwardian Oakworth station – the location for the famous 1970s film.

The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and the surrounding towns and villages were used extensively in the 1970 film The Railway Children and several of the railway’s steam locomotives also featured. The Museum of Rail Travel, located at Ingrow West, is home to five of the carriages which were used in the film. Make sure you get off the train and explore by foot one of two Railway Children Walks.

The first walk is a circular tour from Haworth Station of approximately 2½ miles in length along local roads and across open countryside. This walk takes in the some of the most iconic scenes in the film.

  • Mytholmes Railway tunnel where ‘Jim’ the schoolboy injured his leg whilst running in a paper chase.
  • The embankment on the left hand side of the tunnel mouth is where the landslide was filmed.
  • Below on the railway line in front, the children waved their red flannel petticoats to warn the driver of the 11.29 train of the danger. Note: It is over forty years since the film was made and the trees have matured so the best views from here are in winter when the trees have lost their foliage.
  • Oakworth Station and the railway crossing gates, the location where much of the story is filmed.
  • Oakworth-140723'1-PLaStation Cottage, the home of the Perks family is the first house immediately after the crossing.
  • Although now replaced by a more recent bridge, the spot where the locomotive and all the cast posed at the end of the film and Roberta wrote “The End”.

The alternative walk is a much more taxing 6 miles. Starting from Haworth station once more this walk takes you out of Haworth along the Valley to Oxenhope before turning west to loop round and brings you back down Haworth High Street, round the route of the short walk and back to the station starting point. In addition to the scenes seen on the short walk additional locations were filmed on this section.

  • Three Chimneys, the Yorkshire home of the railway children and the stone gap stile which Perks had difficulty negotiating whilst delivering to the Three Chimneys.
  • Bronte Parsonage Museum, the home of the Doctor in the film.
  • Haworth Main Street, where the children collected presents for Mr. Perks’ birthday;  the Post Office and General Store where the three children were given a pram, the Tourist Information Centre which was transformed into the Butchers Shop and the corner house where the children weregiven a small hand shovel

There are few outdoor scenes from the film not seen during your walking tour of the Valley. For a small charge there is a printed Railway Children Walks leaflet that guides you through two walks of differing length and difficulty. This leaflet is available from our shops for 40p.


Background information on the making of the 1970 ‘The Railway Children’ film, with info on locations, locomotives used and more click HERE.

Due to the very nature of the countryside this walk is not suitable for the less mobile, wheelchairs and children in pushchairs.