Terms & Conditions which apply on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

Terms & Conditions Applicable on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

Conditions of Booking

These conditions apply to all advance bookings and purchases for ordinary tickets, travel, events and special trains

Terms and Conditions when buying or booking tickets in advance either online, or direct via our offices in  person, by phone or by email. These conditions apply from Friday 10th December 2021 until further notice. 

Please quote your booking reference number in all communications with us. 

  1. Deposits and Confirmation.

    For some larger or group bookings, or specific booking types, we reserve the right to  charge a non-returnable deposit, or to vary the cancellation and refund periods detailed below. If this is the case you  will be notified when making your booking. All group and party bookings will not be considered made until confirmed  by email or letter.

  2. You can amend or cancel your booking as below: 

For all advance bookings, Changes, Amendments or Refunds cannot be made at our station ticket offices, either in  advance or on the day of your visit. All requests to change, amend or cancel your booking must be made in advance  via the contact details shown on your confirmation email or letter. No booking can be amended, cancelled or refunded once the tickets have been posted to, or collected by, you. 

  1. a) Group and Party Bookings 

Any request to change the date, time, or numbers for group and party bookings, or to cancel the booking, must be  given in writing no less than 7 days prior to travel, otherwise you will be charged the full amount that was liable 7 days  in advance. 

  1. b) Individual Bookings 

Bookings can be changed to another date, subject to availability, up to 3 days prior to the booking date.  

If you move your booking to a date or class of travel where higher fares apply then you will only need to pay any  difference in price. If lower priced fares apply then we will not refund the first £10 or 10% (whichever is higher) of any  difference.  

There is no amendment fee charged when changing a booking. 

Tickets may be cancelled and refunded as below: 

Tickets for specific special trains or events such as Haworth Haddock, Santa Special, Dining Trains,  Excursions etc, where a specific time slot or reserved seat is booked: 

  1. i) Up to 14 days prior to the booking date:  

If you booked online, and you tell us you want to cancel your booking during the 48 hours after you made the  booking then we will cancel the booking and refund your money in full. You must contact us via email to  request this refund. 

After the 48 hours period has passed, or at any time if you did not book online, Bookings can be partly or fully  cancelled and refunded, but a cancellation fee of 10% of the value of the cancellation – but not less than £10 – will apply. 

  1. ii) Less than 14 days prior to the booking date:  

No refunds will be made. 

Day Rovers, or other general travel tickets where no specific seat reservation or reserved time is made: i) Up to 3 days prior to the booking date: 

Tickets can be cancelled and a full refund will be made. 

  1. ii) Less than 3 days prior to the booking date: 

No refund will be made.

  1. Cancellation by us: 

We reserve the right to curtail or cancel any special trains or event for any operational or other exceptional reason at  any time. Should your time specific booked train or event be cancelled by us we will endeavour to offer an alternative  time on the same day. If this is not possible a full refund will be made, but no other liability will be incurred by us. 

If you have a Day Rover ticket and we have to fully cancel our ordinary train services then we will offer to change your  booking to another date or we will offer a full refund. 

  1. Booking Fee: 

Tickets booked in advance via our office, either in person, via email or over the telephone will incur a Booking Fee of £3.50. No booking fee applies for online bookings. Some tickets cannot be booked via the office and can only  be booked online. The booking fee does not apply when the required tickets or products are not available online. 

Other Conditions: 

  1. No tickets will be issued, and travel will not be permitted, until payment has been received in full, or other payment  arrangements have been agreed with and confirmed by us.

  2. We will not take responsibility for delayed arrival or non-attendance by any visitor. We will be under no  obligation to offer any refund or alternative journey time if you fail to arrive on time for a time specific booking, or if  some or all of the people covered by your booking do not arrive at all.

  3.  Please bring a copy of your confirmation email or booking reference number with you. You will need your  reference number in order to collect your tickets or take your seats. 

For most visits and journeys tickets must be collected from a station ticket office before boarding a train, unless  otherwise stated in your confirmation email. The email or reference number cannot normally be used to travel on the  train, so please allow sufficient time to collect your tickets before you travel. 

  1.  For special trains, every effort will be made to ensure that the advertised routing, locomotive(s), coaching stock,  timings, catering offering and other particulars will be as advertised and published, however please note we reserve  the right to alter these at any time, for any reason. We accept no responsibility or liability to any person or company who has bought, or contracted to buy, tickets.

  2. If you have reserved seats or compartments, we reserve the right to amend your booked seats or compartments  at any time between the date you made your booking and the date of travel. Where this is necessary we will always  ensure that all the people in your booking remain seated together as per your original seat selection. We will provide  you with final confirmation of your allocated seats / compartment either when you arrive and check in at our ticket  office prior to your journey, or by the steward on the train when you board.

  3. If you purchase Member/Resident Card, Concession or Child tickets, you must show your membership /  resident card(s), or your proof of entitlement to the concession / child fares in order to collect your tickets. If you do not  provide valid proof of entitlement your tickets will not be issued and you may need to purchase new tickets to travel. We have no obligation to offer any exchange or refund of the original unused tickets.

  4. The hours or times stated in the Company’s Timetables, Books, Bills and Notices are appointed as those at which  it is intended – so far as circumstances will permit – that the trains shall depart from and arrive at the several stations,  but their departure or arrival at the time stated is not guaranteed, nor will the Company under any circumstances be  held responsible for delay or detention, however occasioned, or any consequences arising therefrom. The right to alter  or suspend the running of any train is reserved.

  5. All tickets are issued subject to the Conditions of Carriage and Byelaws of the Keighley & Worth Valley Light  Railway Limited, copies of which can be inspected at any ticket office or are available on our website.

  6. We reserve the right to amend these conditions at any time, and without giving any notice.

  7. In these conditions – “We”, “Us” or “The Company” is the Keighley & Worth Valley Light Railway Limited.  “You” is the person who has made the booking, or for whom the booking has been made and is making the journey,  as appropriate.
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Membership of KWVRPS Terms & Conditions

Membership of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Preservation Society, Terms & Conditions

When Joining or Renewing Membership you will be required to provide certain information to allow us to efficiently manage the membership scheme. This includes, but is not limited to, name, address, date of birth and telephone number. We will be unable process an application or offer membership benefits if certain details are not provided. We hold this information only for the purpose of managing the membership scheme. We will not sell or pass your information to anyone else and – unless it is for the administration or for delivering entitlements of your membership – will not contact you unless you have given permission.

If you purchase or renew your membership online then you will receive a temporary membership card via email. You must exchange this for a permanent plastic card the next time you visit the railway.

Your Membership Card is not valid until it is signed, and your name is printed on it, in the spaces marked for this purpose. By signing the card you are agreeing to the conditions below.

Information relating to Member’s Free or Discounted Travel tickets:

You must present your membership card at the booking office before boarding the train in order to use any free or discounted tickets. You cannot obtain free or discounted tickets on board the train.

  • Free Day Rover tickets are issued on the basis of 1 free ticket per membership per day.
  • Single Annual members (for example Adult, Junior and Senior) may claim 3 free tickets per membership year.
  • Life Members may claim 1 free ticket per day.
  • For Joint Members, you may claim only 3 free tickets per membership year, but each free ticket will allow travel by TWO people who are travelling together.
  • For Family Members, you may claim only 3 free tickets per membership year, but each free ticket will allow travel by up to TWO adults and THREE children who are travelling together.

If you do not wish to use a free ticket, or have already used your entitlement, then members get an approximately 50% discount on ordinary tickets. For Joint or Family members then you may purchase individual half price tickets for each person travelling in your group, up the maximum number permitted by your membership. There are no discounts on group or family tickets, only on individual tickets.

Members Free or Half Price Tickets are only issued on ordinary operating days and are not available on special event dates. They cannot be used on any special trains or services. They do not allow travel in First Class if such is provided.

On most special event dates then discounts are normally offered on ordinary tickets, however the level of discount can vary and full details will be published on our website or other literature relating to each event in advance.

Members free, half price or discounted tickets cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, special offer or discount.

Members free, half price or discounted tickets can only be used by the person(s) whose name(s) is/are associated with the membership and to whom the membership card was issued.

You must keep your membership card with you at all times when you are using any free or discounted tickets and be prepared to show it when requested. If you are unable to do so then any free or discounted tickets you are using will not be valid and you will be required to pay again for the journey you are making.

Other important conditions of Membership

If you lose or damage your membership card you must tell us at once. There will be a charge of £3.50 to issue a replacement membership card. This fee may be waived in certain exceptional circumstances, such as the production of a crime reference number relating to a theft.

When using or purchasing any membership entitlement or privilege, such as free or discounted tickets, you may be asked to provide proof of identity to allow us to confirm your name in relation to the membership card you are using. If you are unable to provide suitable proof of identity we reserve the right to refuse to issue or sell any free or discounted tickets, or allow you to benefit from any other entitlement or privilege which you are trying to claim.

You may not transfer or loan your membership card to anyone else except in the case of Joint or Family memberships where the membership card may be used by either of the adults who were named on the membership at the time of purchase.

You may not transfer any free or discounted tickets which your membership card was used to obtain to any other person. If you do so then your membership may be cancelled without notice.

The Membership Card remains the property of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Preservation Society Limited and must be handed over, upon request, to any officer or servant of the Society, or anyone acting on behalf of the Society in the course of their duties.

The membership card may be withdrawn and retained by us if we have reasonable grounds to belief that it is being used improperly. We retain the right to cancel membership and not make any refund if there is evidence of fraudulent activity.

When visiting the Railway either as a passenger or visitor, members are bound by the Byelaws and Conditions of Carriage of the Keighley & Worth Valley Light Railway Limited, copies of which are available upon request.


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Railway Byelaws

Click below to download a copy of the Byelaws which apply on and around the KWVR

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