In the aftermath of storm Ciara

Storm Ciara has caused havoc across West Yorkshire, with major flooding being experienced across the county. Sadly, we have to report that the KWVR, especially Haworth Yard, the subject of serious flooding on Boxing Day 2015, has not escaped and once again the Railway had to cancel services as Bridgehouse Beck burst its banks so flooding the yard and turning the trackbed through Haworth Station into a raging torrent

These two sets of photographs appear very similar. Taken over four years apart, the first two images show the extensive flooding of Haworth Yard today (9th February 2020) and the other two photographs were taken from the same vantage point on Boxing Day 2015. They say that ‘lightning doesn’t strike twice but the flooding of Haworth Yard, by heavy storms over the Pennines swelling Bridgehouse Beck to bursting, certainly does.