The railway seeks an enthusiastic volunteer with a keen interest in railway signalling to undertake the duties of the railway’s Signal Engineer, responsible for the continuing safety and availability of the railway’s signalling systems.

Practical experience in electro-mechanical signal engineering and a working knowledge of relevant legislation standards and practices will be essential. While helpful, familiarity with the particular style of equipment in use on the Worth Valley Railway is not essential; having the right approach to learning, adapting and applying skills and knowledge will be much more critical. An engineering degree or equivalent, together with corporate IRSE membership or progress towards it, is expected, although, exceptionally, relevant knowledge and experience may suffice.

The railway is about to embark on a significant project to provide comprehensive signalling facilities at Keighley. The Signal Engineer will work with the project team to develop maintenance practices and facilitate training, including participation in interface works and scheme commissioning, ready to take over the installation on completion. This work will be subject to review by the project’s Independent Competent Person in compliance with the ROGS Regulations.

  1. Oversee maintenance and renewal activities, ensuring that appropriate standards are achieved and adequate auditable records are maintained.
  2. Liaise with and support colleagues in other departments, with particular attention to tracking and operating, promoting a collaborative approach.
  3. Provide technical support and guidance to signal engineers and technicians, including assistance with complex failures, and personally conduct safety critical inspections and tests as necessary. 
  4. Ensure by monitoring and reviewing that routine and post-incident safety critical inspection and testing by signal engineers and technicians is suitable and sufficient.
  5. Provide signalling technical participation for all operational incident investigations and review all wrong side failures of signalling systems, providing specialist reports and managing necessary actions.
  6. Monitor the performance of signalling systems and facilitate appropriate improvements in practice and equipment,
  7. Coach, train, develop and assess the competence of other signal engineers and technicians.
  8. Monitor the condition of signalling assets and create a programme of timely renewals.
  9. Specify, organise and lead renewal activities.
  10. Propose cost and resource-effective enhancement works to address operating department aspirations (excluding major projects)
  11. manage procurement of consumables and external services as required
  12. Investigate alternative solutions and keep abreast of industry and heritage sector developments and best practices by actively being involved with relevant activities of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers.

Over 50 years ago, a relatively small group of dedicated railway supporters saved the Railway from obscurity. An extensive and varied volunteer family has grown to operate and manage this leading preserved Railway from these small beginnings. We are very proud of every single person who volunteered their time to keep this railway where it is today. Whether driving a train or selling a visitor a ticket, our Railway would not exist without them.

The most visible volunteers are those who operate the train service, run the stations and staff our shops and catering outlets. To ensure that all turns are filled, we operate a rostering system where volunteers are asked when they are available and how many turns they would like to do. Other volunteers do various maintenance work ranging from gardening and painting, keeping the gas lights in working order, to laying track and rebuilding locomotives and carriages.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with or call the Bussiness & Operations Manager Noel Hartley on 07841 211950.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Closing date 31st March 2024