Halloween on the KWVR

There is something for everyone here at the KWVR during a week of Hallowe’en themed events and regular steam hauled passenger passenger services.

Deadly and ghostly goings on, on the the KWVR during the week of Halloween, 26th October to 3rd November 2019

Murder On The Gatsby Express | KWVR Murder Mystery – Saturday 26th October 2019


Halloween Train

Sunday 27th & Thursday 31st October | Under 5’s Go Free! | 11am – 16:10pm | Starting From Keighley Station | Suitable For Ages 3 – 8

Here at KWVR on Sunday the 27th & Thursday 31st October we are getting into the Hallowe’en spirit! Join us for a spooky ride down the line on our Hallowe’en Train where we’ll be telling spooky stories, casting spells, creepy colouring and more!

The Wizards’ Express | A Magical Journey Onboard The Wizards’ Express…

Sunday 27th & Thursday 31st October

Come aboard the Wizards Express, our spellbinding train of sorcery! Take a seat and enjoy a magical journey as you learn to become a master of mystery and magic.

A perfect adventure for children age 5 – 12

Steam hauled passenger trains everyday

Saturday 26th October – Sunday 3rd November

With many children on half term holiday in West Yorkshire, as well as the special trains outlined above, we will have a steam hauled passenger service every day.

So whether you are taking advantage of the Hallowe’en events, looking for something to entertain the children or have a day out in the Worth Valley, you can have a journey behind one of our steam locomotives every day of the week.