Ingrow Education Centre

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At our Ingrow West Station we have great educational facilities, these include our Railstory museums and the Learning Coach. These facilities offer a varied and comprehensive range of educational packages which will complement classroom learning. With links to Science, Literature, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology, Art and Design and History, it is the perfect contextual and experiential addition to the learning provision for every child.  In addition to workshops taught by in-house educational professionals, we also offer teacher self-led sessions and are happy to work with you to provide tailored and personalised workshops.

To find out more about Ingrow Education Centre, including our facilities and workshop options visit the Rail Story website, please click HERE.

Ingrow Education Centre Brochure

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Science is based around experiential learning, rational explanation, observation and investigation. Our science workshops aim to build upon these principles, whilst linking specific science areas of study in a context based setting.

Engineering & Technology

Engineering and technology allows learners to develop creativity and imagination in a practical context, whilst employing critical thinking and evaluative skills. Our Engineering and Technology workshop allows learners to practice these skills in a unique and unusual way.