Phase 1 of Bridge 27 Renewal: Complete!

Over the past two weeks, volunteers and contractors have been carrying out the first phase of the Bridge 27 renewal project.

The massive job of installing 12 new Piles to support the new bridge deck, these had to be 16 meters deep, fitted with steel cages, and filled with concrete. The ten challenging days have come to an end after a break-in at the start of the job, numerous machinery breakdowns and the unpredictable Yorkshire weather!

Piling Contractors Keller have been amazing to work with. They went above and beyond in the first week to get the job back on track after the delay, due to the theft, and finished the second week well in front of schedule, allowing the Gang more time to put the track back and clean up the worksite before the weekend services.

Throughout Phase 1, the track has been removed and put back more times than we can count to keep train services running across the weekend. The P-Way Gang’s Steam Crane Grafton made a welcome return mid-way through the job, assisting with removing the track. With the crane back in use, the gang can remove a whole section of track in one piece rather than stripping down the rail and removing the keys individually.