Bridge 27 Preparation

This week, we will see another week of preparation work for the Bridge 27 renewal in September.

This week, we mainly rerouted S&T Wires underground so that when the bridge is renewed, we don’t damage them as they run overhead and are too close to the Bridge Span. The works will see new cable ducting installed in the ground before the wires are taken down and run through the underground ducts so that the Railway can still operate its phone line, etc. when the renewal works are happening.

While the Cable Channels are dug, we are also installing a new Handrail around the Haworth Loop Span of the Bridge and on top of the River wall for the safety of the workforce. Later this week, we will start demolishing another wall to make way for a safe walking route from Haworth Car Park to the work site, which won’t affect Haworth MPD.