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Locomotive Roster for Weekend 30th & 31st July and all next week to Friday 5th August 2016

Posted: 28 July 2016

Saturday sees a two train operation with one of our 'big' diesel's, 37 075, starting the day and operating all day and 43924 taking the steam service. On Sunday 43924 is joined by 85 and 1074 on Vintage Train Sunday. 90733 operate the weekday service.

Celebrity Master Chef

Posted: 21 July 2016

Tonight and tomorrow on BB2 watch out for Celebrity Masterchef filmed in Haworth and starring two of our stalwart volunteers.

Locomotive Roster for Weekend 23rd & 24th July and all next week to Friday 29th July 2016

Posted: 20 July 2016

75078 takes over services for the weekend and then is anticipated will continue for the next 5 days at the head of the weekday service. The 2 steam service on Sunday sees 90733 in action alongside 75078

41241 in BR days

Posted: 18 July 2016

Did Ivatt 2-6-2T 41241, the subject of an appeal to return the locomotive to steam, ever haul a train up the Worth Valley in BR days? The answer is not quite what it seems. A very interesting insight into the final days of steam on BR.

Santa Steam Specials, Tickets on Sale

Posted: 16 July 2016

It may be July but we have opened our Santa On-line booking service so everyone has the chance to book the date and time of their choice.

Locomotive Roster for Weekend 16th & 17th July and all next week to Friday 22nd July 2016

Posted: 15 July 2016

The standard timetabled service will be in the hands of 75078 on Saturday and Sunday with 43924 hauling the weekday service throughout the week. Sunday sees the fourth in our Vintage Trains series when 85 will take the full line service with 85 on the Keighley - Ingrow shuttle.

Ivatt Appeal Casualwear

Posted: 11 July 2016

The first phase of the appeal was launched almost exactly one year ago inviting sponsors for the almost 200 new boiler tubes. The second phase of the appeal offered three different levels of railway benefit packages. The third phase is now launched offering 41241 merchandise.

Summer Vintage Tour Bus

Posted: 11 July 2016

It's all aboard the tour bus which has returned to the Worth Valley for another summer season. This year the tour will run between Haworth Station - Haworth Village and Oxenhope and will operate every day, including weekends, throughout the summer.

Yorkshire’s Magnificent Attractions

Posted: 10 July 2016

We think that the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway is Yorkshire's most magnificent attraction, but of course we do! If you agree, now is your chance to vote for Yorkshire's Most Magnificent Attraction.

Locomotive Roster for Weekend 9th & 10th July and all next week to Friday 15th July 2016

Posted: 8 July 2016

43924 returns to action this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday and is joined by 90733 on Sunday. 90733 continues throughout the week on the daily steam service. Saturday sees the diesel service locomotive hauled with the DMU taking the Sunday morning diesel turn.

Locomotive Roster Weekday 27th – 31st July & weekend 1st – 2nd August

Posted: 29 July 2015

5820 will be putting in a full week of service. having started on Monday, the S160 will work everyday until Sunday 2nd August. The second locomotive on Sunday will be 90733.

The Queensbury Lines

Posted: 27 July 2015

Superbly written and illustrated, Martin Bairstow's book on the Great Northern railway routes linking Bradford, Keighley and Halifax is now on sales in all KWVR shops.

Ivatt Boiler Tube Appeal Update

Posted: 26 July 2015

The Railway is delighted at the response to the Ivatt Tube appeal but there are still some tubes waiting for a sponsor. Act now to ensure you are on the register of sponsors.

Locomotive Roster Weekday 27th – 31st July

Posted: 26 July 2015

The weekday timetable will see 5820 heading up the Valley after essential maintenance.

Locomotive Roster Week 20th – 24th July and weekend 25th & 26th July 2015

Posted: 19 July 2015

It a full line service this week with 90733 operating the weekday service, to be replaced by 43924 on Saturday, which will be joined by 1054 for the second of this month's Vintage Trains.

Spring 2015 in Photos

Posted: 17 July 2015

Spring (21st March - 21st June) was a busy time on the Worth Valley Railway. Easter 'kicked-off' the season followed by our first diesel locomotive weekend. The Railway Children made their annual appearance over the May Bank Holiday, Haworth 1940s followed and a first guest appearance during half-term of everybody's favourite bear, Paddington. The season was completed by the first Vintage Train day on the 21st June to herald in Summer.

Ivatt Boiler Tube Appeal Update

Posted: 15 July 2015

Two weeks ago the Railway launched its Ivatt 41241 Boiler Tube Appeal. Don't miss your chance to support this worthwhile project and have your contribution recorded for future generations.

Locomotive Roster Week 13th – 17th July and weekend 18th & 19th July 2015

Posted: 14 July 2015

With filming disrupting the normal operation there is a wide variety of motive power for this week. 43924 has been in operation Monday and Tuesday. On the Ingrow - Oxenhope shuttle the revised operation will see the train top and tailed by 90733 and 20 031. Services resume Saturday with 20 031 taking the diesel service and 90733 continuing on the steam service and on Sunday when it will be joined by 1054 on the vintage trains set.

Service Disruption Details 15th – 17th July 2015

Posted: 12 July 2015

The Wednesday Oxenhope - Ingrow shuttle will operate in Top-&-Tail mode with steam at the uphill end and a diesel locomotive at the downhill end, similar to our Santa operation. On Thursday and Friday, when no trains operate, a replacement vintage bus service will be provided.

Locomotive Roster Update 10th July and weekend to 11th & 12th July 2015

Posted: 9 July 2015

With 5820 withdrawn for essential repairs, 75078 takes over its duties for Friday and the weekend with 370 075 on the diesel turn, Saturday, and 43924 on the main Sunday service.

Discount Ticketing between Haworth’s Top Two Attractions, Summer 2015

Posted: 7 July 2015

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway and the Brontë Parsonage Museum are Haworth’s biggest attractions and are proud to announce that the joint ticket discount will return this year allowing visitors to enjoy these two popular attractions at special prices.

Locomotive Roster Week 6th – 10th July and weekend to 11th & 12th July 2015

Posted: 6 July 2015

5820 will operate on the main service Monday - Saturday and will move to take the relief set on Sunday which this week sees the last of the Sunday Luncheon Pullmans for 2015. On Sunday 43924 takes the main service set.

Locomotive Roster Weekend 4th & 5th July 2015

Posted: 2 July 2015

On the main service this weekend will be MR 4F 0-6-0 43924 with S160 2-8-0 5820 on the relief set on Sunday.

Service Disruption Details 15th – 17th July 2015

Posted: 2 July 2015

An important filming contract is once again taking place on the Railway and follows the successful filming in 2014 of the World War 1 film Testimony of Youth. As a result the Railway will be operating a reduced service on Wednesday 15th July and the train service will be withdrawn on the 16th & 17th July with a Vintage Bus Replacement service operating in its stead.