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Ingrow Education Centre offers a varied and comprehensive educational package which will compliment classroom learning. With links to Science, Literature, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology, Art and Design and History, it is the perfect contextual and experiential addition to the learning provision for every child.  In addition to workshops taught by in-house educational professionals, we also offer teacher self-led sessions and are happy to work with you to provide tailored and personalised workshops.


New for 2017 – Science Stars Science Club for 8-13 year olds


Starting on the Saturday, 13th May 2017, RAIL STORY, at Ingrow West railway station, are delighted to announce the launch of a new club especially for children in the 8-13 age group to introduce youngsters to the wonders of science in a fun and highly imaginative, inspiring environment.

Science Stars Science Club introduces children to the wonders of science in a fun and highly imaginative, inspiring environment. Our sessions are crammed full of exciting science experiments that are practical and exciting as well as educational and intuitive.

Science Stars meets alternate Saturdays to enable young people between the ages of 8 and 13 to carry out crazy experiments in a unique heritage railway environment.

Places are limited so you must book by phone or email in advance giving your child’s name, age and contact phone number. To book your place or for more information contact Deborah Cross on 07825 632123 or email

Dates: 13th & 27th May, 10th & 24th June and 8th & 22nd July 2017
What Time?: 10:00 — 12:00
Age: 8 – 13
Cost?: £3.00 per session
Where?: The Learning Coach, Ingrow West Station, South Street, Keighley, BD21 5AX

If you are too old for Shooting Stars why not join our Young Persons Group where you will learn all about the history of our railway and the skills needed to run it.


Workshops for Ingrow Education Centre

Have a chat with our Education Officer to see how a visit to the KWVR can fit with this term’s topic, through Science, Literature, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology, Art and Design and History. We endeavour at all times to design sessions that are individually tailored to your requirements.

And our self-contained Learning Coach with exhibits, archives & work room is the the ideal place for learning for your school visit.

♦  The Centre can provide help for teachers and group leaders.
♦  Our Education Officer has a wealth of relevant experience.
♦  Education support staff mostly come from the education sector.
♦  Rest assured that your visit will be well supported by our team.

 The Learning Coach

We are proud to announce the opening of ‘The Learning Coach’. This unique learning environment situated on the platform of Ingrow station is a renovated rail carriage, which offers a classroom area and compartment restored with its original features.  Together with the Museums and the Heritage of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, we are confident that all your learning needs can be catered for.


Choose your Topic

Science: Friction (KS2), Changes of State (KS2), Air Resistance (KS2), Properties of Sound (KS2), From Root to Tip (KS1/KS2
Engineering & Technology: Building Bridges (KS2/KS3)
Maths: Shape Detectives (EYFS/KS1), Timetable Learning Tour (KS2)
Literature: The Railway Children (KS2), Railway Animal Adventures (KS1/KS2), Teddy Bears Picnic (EYFS/KS1)
Exploring and Investigating: Murder on the Rails (KS2/KS3)
History: WWII Evacuees (KS2), Railways and the Industrial Revolution (KS2), Seaside Holidays (KS2)
Art and Design: Art, Nature and the Railway (KS1/KS2/KS3)
Film: Heritage and Film (KS2/KS3)
Revision Visits: Train Game (Mathematics or Science challenge) (KS1/KS2)

Workshop Outline & Costs

All of our workshops are based on a group consisting of up to 30 children and 6 adults. Due to the space restrictions of our classroom in the Learning Coach classes will be split into 2 groups of 15 for the day.

Workshops are tailor-made to suit your individual requirements but most of follow the same itinerary.

For an example of a typical school visit to Ingrow Education Centre where the school have booked onto one of our workshops and have added a train ride onto their day, and the costs involved on such a visit, download a typical Workshop factsheet ⇒


We are sure you will have lots of questions. Download our FAQ factsheet ⇒


Download our on-line Brochure ⇒


Science is based around experiential learning, rational explanation, observation and investigation. Our science workshops aim to build upon these principles, whilst linking specific science areas of study in a context based setting.

Engineering & Technology

Engineering and technology allows learners to develop creativity and imagination in a practical context, whilst employing critical thinking and evaluative skills. Our Engineering and Technology workshop allows learners to practice these skills in a unique and unusual way.


Mathematic knowledge is essential to everyday life and the world around us is filled with mathematical concepts. Our mathematics workshops aim to put mathematics into context and allow learners to appreciate that mathematics is interesting and relevant to them.


Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills play a role in most aspects of life and other areas of the curriculum. Enriching these abilities enables learners to appreciate our cultural and literary heritage and enjoyment of the written and spoken word. Our literature workshops aid in creating and developing an enjoyment of literature and the skills essential for literacy learning.

Exploring & Investigating

Investigation, deduction and reasoning are essential cross curricular skills which allow learners to employ critical thinking, alongside articulating their findings. Our Exploring and Investigating workshop allows learners to practice these skills in an exciting and interesting way.


History helps pupils’ understand the complex lives people have led and how this changed society over time. History encourages learners’ enquiry skills and develop positive attitudes and values for the world they live in. The purpose of our history workshops are to inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past.

Art & Design

Art and Design encourages creativity and imagination, whilst inspiring learners to engage with their own ideas of what art is to them and build confidence in their ability. Our Art and Design workshop aims to provide rich and diverse settings and subjects from which to develop their artistic skills.


Film is an ideal vehicle for exploration, creativity and expression whilst working collaboratively with their peers. It can also inspire self-confidence and develop learners use and command of spoken language. Our workshop aims to provide a setting where learners can produce a short film in a contextual setting.

Revision Visits

The Train Game is the ideal SATs revision aid of knowledge and understanding across the Science and/or Mathematics curriculum. It provides a fun and competitive medium for reinforcing key concepts incorporating the benefits of peer scaffolding.