Recently there has been a lot of information surrounding Keighley Station and the upcoming significant works; now with the planning application made for the multi-million-pound works, we can share details of Network Rail’s plans.

The 130-year-old station has been showing signs of its age, with various parts of the station being cordoned off over the past few years, including most recently the entry ramp to Platform 4 on The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway side. Network Rail, via their contractors, AMCO with consultants AECOM, are about to undertake a multi-million-pound refurbishment of the station, including significant areas of the KWVR side. The current high-level scope of works for Network Rail is as follows:

  • Complete refurbishment of the station forecourt canopies, frontage, drainage and general masonry repairs.
  • Large-scale repair and renewal of timber elements throughout the access ramps (including above platform 4).
  • Repair and renewal of the rooves across the entire station building.
  • Extensive structural repairs to the currently closed western elevation link bridge (at the top of platform 4).
  • Masonry and drainage repairs to the western corner of the station building (the Skipton end of the station car park).
  • Widespread repairs to the eastern face of the main station (other side of platform 1 ramp).
  • Complete refurbishment of the station footbridge across both pairs of tracks.
  • Structural strengthening to the station support structure, particularly under the KWVR side.
  • Repairs to the gable end of the café to make the building stable again.

Network Rail has been liaising and consulting with the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway for numerous years regarding this project; the railway has been assisting with access to our side of the station for surveys and design work and we have had significant input into the plans. This positive relationship with Network Rail has led to numerous improvements to the work on our side of the station which will benefit the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway for years to come.

Network Rail have been working with the listed buildings and the local council, some artist’s impressions have been created but these are subject to formal planning applications being accepted and detailed design.

Network Rail and AMCO expect the works to begin during September 2023 and last until December 2024; parking at Keighley Station will be limited during this period as the space will be used as a compound for equipment and material storage.

Keighley & Worth Valley – Platforms 3 & 4
The Worth Valley side of Keighley Station will be closed from Tuesday, 2nd January until Friday, 1st March 2024; during this time there will be no passenger services into platforms 3 & 4, and the station will be closed to the public. This will help Network Rail & AMCO progress the works as quickly as possible by taking control of the station and railway, with only pre-agreed civil engineering trains entering the station. Do not fear, we will be running steam and diesel trains over the remainder of the railway during this time, and currently planning a bus connection between Ingrow and Keighley; more details on this will be released nearer the time.

During the Network Rail works, the KWVR will be working on other aspects of Keighley Station, undertaking some much-needed maintenance and progressing several projects. The ramp access from the footbridge to Platform 4 will be completely renewed, the old Shipley Junction Signal Box will be refurbished structurally and cosmetically, and the Water Tower project will begin. There will be more information soon about the Keighley Station Water Tower Project. And finally, the civil maintenance team will be out in force undertaking some heavy track maintenance to the switches and crossing at the Oxenhope end of the station.

An Artists Impression of Keighley Station