The 10-ton Grafton Permanent Way Crane successfully reentered service on Friday, May 17th, and was put straight into action assisting the P-Way Gang with putting the rails back in over Bridge 27 after the first week of Piling.

The Crane’s Boiler 10-Year Boiler Certificate expired on the 5th of February, 2023 and was in use right up until the expiry with moving old rail on GN-Striaght near Ingrow. A small but dedicated band of volunteers got the crane back on track quickly in just over a year, led by Keith & Margaret (Husband & Wife team) with work carried out in the Goods Shed at Oakworth and the Workshop at Haworth.

All the Boiler fittings were overhauled, along with all the Mechanical components, the Buffer Packs & one spring were replaced on the Runner Wagon. The Boiler work took the longest due to having to shuffle the vehicle around due to the operational needs of a busy railway, with the crane returning to the Goods Shed at Oakworth in November 2023.

Early in 2024, the Boiler passed its Cold Exam at Oakworth, and the Crane was moved back to Haworth to complete the overhaul, as it was needed for the Bridge 27 works. A successful Hydraulic test was followed by a visit from the Boiler Inspection on the 3rd of May, and finally, a Lifting & Mechanical Exam on the 15th of May. With the Crane straight back into service, the Cab Roof, Cab Back and Boiler Cladding still need to be fitted.

Lifting & Mechanical Exam – 15th may

BACK IN SERVICE – 17th may