Volunteer James Reed-Griffiths in the Signal Box at Damems-Loop during the 2024 Steam Gala, with two trains passing in the loop.

Here, you can see two trains passing the Damems Junction Signalbox, which controls the passing loop here, and the two sections on either side of the Signalbox.

The leavers are operated by the signaller control signal, points and point locks.

The Block Bells above the frame go to crossing keepers on either side of the Signal Box, one to Damemscrossing and the other to Oakworth crossing. These bells communicate between the signaller and the crossing keepers.

The “token” is a physical item that gives the train the authority to be on that section of the railway. Token machines that control the release of these tokens will not allow more than one token to be out at any one time, ensuring that there is only ever one train on that section of the railway.

The signaller’s responsible for controlling the safe movement of trains across the railway.