A short lived class of shunter

Evaluated in the 1960s by British Railways, D2511 was quickly sold out of service as being considered unsuitable, as the nature of the national network changed.

An ideal diesel shunter for light work

D2511 had only a short life in BR service, and following an almost equally short life with the NCB, now shunts the carriage Oxenhope sidings on the KWVR.

Data File

Built: 1961, Leeds
Engine: English Gardner 8L3 of 152 kW (204 hp) at 1,200 rpm
Transmission: Mechanical. SSS powerflow double synchro
Weight: 34 Tons
Max. T.E.: 19,245 lbf.
Cont. T.E.: 17,069 lbf at 3.72 mph.
Max Speed: 25 mph
Numbers carried during working career: D2511

A short life in two ownerships

In the early 1960’s British Railways was getting a clearer idea of which of the early prototypes were going to become the standard designs. This, however, did not prevent them from looking at other types for evaluation. No. D2511 came under this category and was part of an order for 10 locomotives of the same type which were delivered between 1961 and 1962. After delivery no. D2511 was allocated to Barrow and Workington for use on the dock systems at these ports. As the class was not of a standard type, British Railways had withdrawn the entire class from traffic by 1968.

In the late 1960’s the National Coal Board was on the lookout for good condition secondhand diesel locomotives to replace their aging diesel fleet and No. D2511 was one of four of this class to be purchased by the NCB. No. D2511 was transferred to the NCB and worked at their Brodsworth Colliery (near Doncaster) until early 1977 when it was withdrawn from service following severe collision damage.

Over 40 years of service in preservation

After a working life of only 16 years, the diminutive shunter was purchased by members of the KWVR and arrived here in August 1977. After two years of restoration, including the rebuilding of the cab and refurbishment of the axle-boxes, bearings, transmission and wheel tyres it entered KWVR service in 1980.

The engine has found service primarily shunting the yards around the Railway and occasional works-train duties. At special events D2511 has worked two coach passenger trains, limited to two coaches as it does not have the ability to maintain line speed with any more than a two coach load.

D2511 can usually be found at Oxenhope as the yard shunter there.