Private Hire

A Venue With A Difference

Do you have a special occasion coming up, be it a special birthday, engagement party, wedding, retirement or even a corporate event? Here at Keighley & Worth Valley Railway we have a range of beautiful vintage carriages that could be perfect for your special event. Please see below our carriages, catering options and prices.
If you would like to inquire about private carriage hire or have any questions please give us a call on 01535 645214 or email

Jubilee Bar

The Jubilee Bar began life as a standard Mark 1 Open Corridor coach. In 1970 it was converted into a bar car with an authentic bar salvaged from a public house in Leeds. To complement the Pullman carriages that it is often paired with, it was painted in mock-Pullman livery tones. Today, it serves as the perfect vintage venue for any occasion.


Looking to add a catering option to your booking? We have a number of menu options available to suit your budget and preferences. Click here to find out more about our catering options.

Pullman Cars, Ann & Mary

Pullman trains offered more luxurious accommodation than ordinary mainline trains and customers were treated to an outstanding level of service on board. The immaculate Umber and Cream coloured carriages were a sight to behold and Pullman was the only way to travel, making it the perfect venue for your occasion.

Old Gentleman’s Saloon

OLD GENTLEMAN’S SALOON This coach was built for party travel in 1871 by the Stockton & Darlington Railway as a six wheeled 3rd class saloon with clerestory roof. After being taken into North Eastern Railway stock in 1876 and numbered 1661, it was converted to an inspection saloon for the use of the Locomotive Superintendent

Club Car

LANCASHIRE AND YORKSHIRE 47 BLACKPOOL CLUB CAR LYR 47 Blackpool Club Car was built in 1912 for the exclusive use of businessmen commuting between Blackpool and Manchester. A full restoration was completed recently at the KWVR and is an excellent example of an executive saloon, complete with real leather seating and a handcrafted interior. Perfect

Mark 1

BRITISH RAILWAYS MARK 1 OPEN CORRIDOR COACH When you travel on a normal service train on the KWVR it is likely you will travel in one of 2 types of British Railways Mark 1 coach. This type of Mark 1 coach, is probably the most used in preservation as it offers comfortable passenger accommodation for families.