‘Worth Saving’ – the KWVR Support Appeal

As the COVID-19 took hold, here on the KWVR passenger trains and events were cancelled, shop or café facilities closed and we launched the ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal. But plans are now afoot to re-open in the Summer

On Thursday, 18th June, our ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal crashed through the £200,000 barrier

Thank you for your support, stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you back to the railway as soon we can. Plans are well advanced to re-open in the Summer, albeit a different experience to that which you have enjoyed before – but exciting nonetheless. Keep a look out on our website and Social Media for all the news of our re-opening.

So let us say – WELL DONE – to all our supporters from all corners of the world who came to our aid in our greatest hour of need.

On the 2nd April we wrote that 2020 has been a challenging year so far. Along with floods and a large bridge to replace we have now been forced to close completely due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. In order for the railway to survive in the form you have enjoyed it, we desperately needed your help to raise a MINIMUM of £200,000.

And so the ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal was launched to raise funds to combat the devastating effects of COVID-19, its aim to raise that £200,000. By mid-June we are within a gnats whisker of achieving our target. Everyone here at the KWVR are delighted and thankful that, during our hour of need, our faithful supporters from far and wide have donated to our appeal, joined the Friday night quiz and bought the SAY videos to bring the total raised within sight of that magical £200,000.

After a slowish start, we have been amazed at how you all have rallied to the cause and we have reached our target in just over two short months, far exceeding our expectations and has shown all our volunteers, the high esteem that our Railway is held in.

The Railway is saved – FOR NOW!

Massive challenges lie ahead, not least that it is very likelythat we will not see normal visitor levels until well into 2021 (or even 2022) as social distancing, not only reduces our capacity to carry the number of passengers to make the Railway sustainable into the future, but also affects the attitude of you, our visitors, to actually venture out and travel by train once again.

So the COVID-19 challenges continue and will affect us for many months to come. For now take the plaudits of us all at the KWVR for your magnificent support, but choppy waters lie ahead and we will continue to need your support well into the future and, for that reason, our ‘Worth Saving’ appeal will remain open for your donations to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

We’re here ready to help!

If you would like to talk to a member of our team about your donation, please call:

07747 841476

and a member of the KWVR will be on hand to give you the assistance you require.

Other ways to support us through this difficult time

Gift Cards

You can support the railway by purchasing a gift card to spend on the railway later. This will help us receive income whilst we are not operating and you have something to look forward to after all of this is over.