David Pedrick

David was keen to follow in his father’s footsteps and joined the railway at just 12 years old. Now he spends his spare time as a much-loved signalman. Find out more about David’s time at Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

David, member since 12 years old!

I joined the KWVR when I was 12 keen to follow in my Dads footsteps. He’d had a few different jobs on the big railway including P-Way at Keighley in BR days. I quickly developed a love of level crossings enjoy the somewhat unique, special environments of Oakworth and Damems, so different to anywhere else I’ve encountered on my trips to other railways.

As time went on I left the railway whilst I studied and started my professional career only having time to come back in June of 2016. In the interim, I’d developed a fascination with all things signalling and was tempted into the role as an antidote to my somewhat customer service intensive work life.

I’ve been training in the signal box ever since as and when time permits I also have passed out as a crossing keeper and can usually be found around Damems once a month or so when I get the chance to put a turn in. As a civil servant by day, I find time spent at Damems a wonderful re-set with a handful of passengers who always seem to want to chat and a good book to pass the time between trains. I’d recommend it as a retreat to anyone who enjoys time to themselves and a bit of “operational interest” as the enthusiasts say.