Friday Night Quiz

This Friday night sees the last of our virtual quizzes to raise money for the KWVR appeal. It is £3 to enter, there are cash prizes and 60% of the income goes to the Worth Saving appeal.

Worth Saving’ Appeal – Friday Night is Quiz Night on the KWVR

Here at the KWVR, we are grateful for all the support we are receiving, but these are difficult times so we have been looking at how we can stay in touch, raise much needed funds for the Railway and have a good time.

This Friday, 26th June, see the last of our Friday night virtual quizzes. Don’t be afraid, it’s general knowledge not railway specific  and you will not be asked questions like, “Our US Army locomotive no. 5820 appeared in which film staring Richard Geer as an American soldier stationed in the UK before going to Europe” (Answer: Yanks, made in 1979 and also featured engine number 75078.)

It’s £3 to join the quiz and there are cash prizes to the person in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. “How much can I win?” The size of the ‘prize pot’ depends on the number of players, the more that play, the bigger the prizes.

What if there’s a tie, I hear you ask? Well the organisers have thought of that, after all the KWVR community are a bright lot. Where a number of participants are tied for a winning place, the person who answered the questions the quickest will take top spot – simple?

The quiz has three general knowledge rounds and three subject specific (not railways – remember 5820 appeared in Yanks.)

You will need to register and purchase the next quiz night ahead of the 9.00 quiz time, then when the clock chimes NINE, you’re ready to go. To register and take part, just click on the link below.