Job Vacancies

The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway is one of the leading Heritage Railways in the UK and one of Yorkshire’s best known tourist attractions. The Railway is owned, operated and managed principally by volunteers, but it also relies on a small dedicated team of full time staff to support the most essential functions.

Volunteering Vacancies

We have vacancies available right across the railway. For more information please read below or contact We are always keen to receive enquiries about any of our duties, here are some for example:

Booking clerk – The role of a booking clerk is that all important first link the traveller has with our Railway. A broad smile, welcoming nature, and good appearance are the first needs of a booking clerk.
Station foreman – A station foreman assists in the prompt running and safe passage of trains on our Railway, and the safe transfer of passengers and goods in the charge of the Railway.
Crossing keepers – The important role of a crossing keeper is to assist in the safe and prompt passage of trains on our Railway. A crossing keeper learns how to not just operate the crossing gates, but the signalling systems applying to those gates.
Damems Junction Signaller –  Definitely one of the most interesting jobs on the railway. It is a job with a lot of responsibility for the safe running of trains. Read “A day in the life of a signaller”.
Guards – Have two roles.  Primarily, fundamentality and overall, they are there to ensure the safe operation of the train and secondly if it is carrying passengers, their satisfaction with the train and journey.
Catering – Mention “Let’s have a Day Out “ and it invariably brings up the question of “Where can we eat?”  The KWVR can certainly put on the style from with our splendidly restored ex-Bournemouth Belle 1930’s Pullman cars.

Buildings and Estates Volunteers

This department manages Buildings and Estates on the Worth Valley Railway. We get called upon for a variety of work from Joinery and Glazing to Painting and Plumbing. We would like to recruit
volunteers for the maintenance of our buildings and various estate work. If you would interested and have good DIY skills or you may be a trained tradesperson, you would very welcome.

If you would like to know more about joining the Buildings and Estates Team, send an email to the KWVR Volunteer Liaison Officer at, or call 01535 645214 between 09.30 and 16.30.

In addition from time to time we have vacancies for jobs that require a specific skill set, a skill that not many of us possess. Keep a look out on the website for these vacancies as they arise.