Loco Roster

Listed below are the locomotives or diesel units rostered for the next weeks services.

Whilst every effort will made to ensure that the advised motive power is available, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway reserve the right to change this when operational circumstances so dictate.

For past locomotive rosters, visit News@KWVR where there is a full list of all the published rosters for weeks gone by

Locomotive Roster for the Easter weekend Saturday 20th – Monday 22nd and daily to Friday 26th April 2019

The Easter weekend sees 2 train operation with Easter steam services 75078 and 78022. From Tuesday – Friday 5820 takes charge of the daily service.

Locomotive Roster for the week Saturday 13th to Good Friday 19th April 2019

This weekend sees the introduction of the Easter daily steam service. This weekend's steam service will be in the hands of 75078 with the 101 diesel multiple unit on the diesel services. From Monday - Thursday 43924 takes charge and on Good Friday, when there are 2 steam services, 43924 is joined by 78022.

Locomotive Roster for the weekend 6th & 7th April & Wednesday 10th April 2019

This weekend’s steam service will once again be hauled along the Valley by our LMS Class MT ‘Black 5’ 45212. The 101 diesel multiple unit will operate the diesel service on Saturday & Sunday and also the Wednesday diesel railcar service.

Locomotive Roster for Weekend 28th & 29th April and Mid-week 2nd May 2018

For the last weekend of April, 5820 will be hauling the steam service and our Class 101 DMU will operate the diesel service

Locomotive Roster for Weekend 21st & 22nd April and Mid-week 25th April 2018

It will be 43924 on the steam service train at the weekend joined by our Class 101 diesel multiple unit operating all diesel services.

Locomotive Roster for Weekend 14th & 15th April and Mid-week 18th April 2018

It will be 5820 on the steam service train at the weekend being joined on Saturday afternoon by 1704 'Nunlow' on its last duties before overhaul hauling the appropriately named 'Nunlow's Nightcap'. The midweek Wednesday diesel railcar service returns next week with our Class 101 diesel multiple unit operating all diesel services.

Locomotive Roster for Weekend 7th & 8th April and weekday to 13th April 2018

If repairs are completed in time, the Saturday and Sunday steam service will be in the capable hands of 5820 or 75078 in 5820's absence, with the Class 101 diesel multiple unit operating the Saturday and Sunday diesel services. The midweek steam service will be hauled by 43924.

Locomotive Roster for Bank Holiday Weekend 29th & 30th April and 1st May 2017

For the Bank Holiday weekend we will have two steam locomotives in operation 75078 and 90733 plus an all day diesel service on Saturday formed of our normal service coaches hauled by one of our main line diesels, 37 075.

Locomotive Roster for Week 18th – 21st and weekend 22nd & 23rd April 2107

BR Standard Class 4MT 75078 will haul all steam services from the 18th - 23rd April. Our DMU will be on the diesel service at the weekend until D0226 takes over for the last 2 trips on Sunday

Locomotive Roster for Week 10th – 16th & 17th April 2017

The 'Flying Scotsman' will soon be a happy memory for us all and we Easter is soon upon us with three locomotives in operation over the this week as all day running over the Easter holiday period comes into effect.

Steam & Diesel Locomotive Roster for Weekend 30th April, 1st & 2nd May 2016

There are 3 days of steam action this weekend with both 90733 and 75078 operating services plus the bonus of mainline diesel traction all day Saturday with 37 075.

Locomotive Roster for Weekend 23rd & 24th April 2016

75078 substituted for 90733 but the latter should be on duty this weekend subject to final checks. 43924 will substitute should 90733 not be available.

Locomotive Roster for Weekend 16th & 17th April 2016

This weekend's steam action will be provided by 90733 returning to action after extensive repairs.