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The Railway

Everything you need to know about the Railway.

From the present day listing of locomotives and rolling stock to forthcoming locomotive rosters, from the past history of the Railway to a sleeper by sleeper description of the line and for a guide to filming on the Worth Valley branch, there is something here for everybody.

Locomotives & Rolling Stock

Over 30 locomotives are based at the KWVR. Most can be seen by visitors, but some are housed away from public view whilst under restoration for future use. Some are owned by the Railway, others by Societies or individuals based on the Railway. All the locomotives are listed in our comprehensive guide to what is in traffic, under restoration or stored out of use waiting its turn in the restoration queue.

There is also a summary of the coaches and freight and infrastructure rolling stock that has a home here on the Railway.

Other Organisations on the Railway

In addition to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, the branch line is also home to other organisations.

Ingrow West Station is now the home of RAIL STORY, a partnership between the Railway, the Vintage Carriages Trust, who have the Museum of Rail Travel here and the Bahamas Locomotive Society whose restoration base and Ingrow Loco Museum are located in the old goods shed. At Oxenhope the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Trust house their valuable collection of restored carriages.

TV & Film

Producers have found that the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway is a wonderful location for Film and TV productions offering a range of locations in a compact 5 mile railway line, offering period scenes covering 100 years from 1860 – 1960.

The Railway has become synonymous with the 1970’s film ‘The Railway Children’ starring Dinah Sheridan and Jenny Agutter. However, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway has featured on-screen since 1966 so has well over 40 years’ experience as a location, and has played host to many other television dramas and feature productions.

History of the KWVR

The Worth Valley branch out of Keighley climbs up the valley serving several small Pennine villages along the way. At Oakworth, the railway leaves the valley of the River Worth and enters the valley of Bridgehouse Beck, wherein lie Haworth and the line’s terminus at Oxenhope. The line has always terminated here, although press speculation of an extension to Hebden Bridge has at times been suggested. This has never been a serious proposition however.

Branch Profile

Everything there is to know about the branch line from Keighley to Oxenhope.

From permanent way to signals, bridges to tunnels, gradients to curve radii, a sleeper by sleeper guide to the Worth Valley branch.