‘Worth Saving’ Appeal, Thank You

Our 2020 ‘Worth Saving, was launched to combat COVID-19 as the Railway faced an uncertain future, and having fought through 2020 with the help of many individuals – WE MADE IT! And to you all a massive

Thank you……………………………..

We couldn’t have done it without you.

That the Railway is poised, once again, to recommence passenger services just as soon as virus restrictions are removed, is truly down to the generosity of many individuals and organisations who have made donations totalling over £1, 020,000 to the Railway over the past year of unprecedented issues.

And so it is a very big THANK YOU to

  • The public who have given and continue to give to our ‘Worth Saving’ Appeal
  • Our members who gave to their ‘Keeping on Track’ Appeal – follow the link below for a specific thank you to our valued members
  • Those who have left us legacies and their families.
  • The Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage. The Culture Recovery Fund is being delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Historic England, using funds provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The National Lottery Heritage Fund and its staff have been incredibly helpful with their support and guidance throughout the whole process.
  • The Liz & Terry Bramall Foundation
  • The Town Fund in Keighley, run by Bradford Metropolitan District Council
  • The UK Government for its Furlough Scheme
  • Bradford MDC and in particular, its Business Rates Team for the operation of the various Business Interruption support grants
  • Keighley Town Council where the Clerk and his staff have been very supportive
  • Finally, Robbie Moore MP and Councillor Rebecca Poulsen have been with us throughout and exceptionally supportive

'Keeping on Track'

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