Taff Vale Railway no. 85 returns to KWVR

85’s ‘holiday’ in Ease Sussex comes to an end

Way back before COVID-19 was even considered our Taff Vale Railway Class O2 0-6-2T locomotive no. 85 left the KWVR for a holiday in East Sussex to star in the Bluebell Railway’s Spring Gala.

However no sooner had it arrived then, like ourselves, the Bluebell closed its doors, so incarcerating no. 85 until such time as it was safe to return it to West Yorkshire. 85 didn’t turn at Sheffield Park, and, with the KWVR back open for business, 85 was colletecd by Reid Transport and delivered back safe and sound to Ingrow on 6th August.

Returned to Haworth, the TVR tank engine will now receive attention for it to rejoin our fleet later in the month.