British Railways Standard Class 2MT 2-6-0 No. 78022

Rescued from Barry scrapyard in 1975, restored to working order in 1993, 78022 is now waiting for assessment with a view to being returned to steam once again.

This class of engine is a direct development by British Railways of the LMS-designed lvatt Class 2MT 2-6-0 and was built at the former LNER workshops at Darlington. By the end of production there were 65 Standard examples in traffic working alongside 128 engines of the LMS design.

No. 78022 was delivered new from Darlington on 28 February 1954 to Millhouses Depot in Sheffield with a final allocation at Lostock Hall (Preston) from where the engine was withdrawn from traffic in February 1967 and found its way to Woodham Bros. as scrap.

Have successfully purchased 75078 with restoration well in hand, the Standard 4 Locomotive Society turned its attentions to purchasing a member of the 2-6-0 version of the class, particularly 76077. However neither this nor any other members of this variant remaining at Woodham’s were, by now in a suitable condition so attention turned to purchasing an alternative locomotive to add to its portfolio. In 1975, 2 years before 75078 was to turn a wheel in anger, the Society purchased the smaller, but versatile, Standard Class 2 78022. The engine arrived on the KWVR on 11th June 1975. Restoration was to take a further 18 years and the locomotive steamed in 1993 and entered traffic, proving a very popular amongst our footplate crews, more than capable of handling our 5 coach services on off peak turns of duty.

When the locomotive’s boiler certificate expired, 78022 was retired to public exhibition at Oxenhope and remained there whilst the restoration of 75078 proceeded. However with completion of 75078 getting forever nearer, 78022 was moved out of Oxenhope to take up residence at Haworth shed. A thorough assessment of the engine was made to gain the level of work required to return this popular locomotive to active duty and restoration is now proceeding apace with completion due in 2018.

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