British Railways Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T No.80002

Having arrived on the Railway in 1969 and given years of useful service, 80002 is now a static exhibit in Oxenhope Exhibition Shed.

The Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T is a direct descendant of the LMS, following a long line of similar designs. This class of particular locomotive was introduced in 1951 with the majority being produced at Brighton. Built in October 1952, No. 80002 was sent straight to Scotland and remained north of the border throughout its BR career, including use as a banking engine on the famous climb up to Beattock summit. The engine was withdrawn from service in November 1967 but retained as a carriage-heating boiler at Cowlairs (Glasgow).

The engine was purchased for preservation by the KWVR in 1969 and was towed to Keighley in May of the same year. Once overhauled from near scrap yard condition, 80002 worked for many years and over those years the engine has required major work to enable it to keep running. This has included the fitting of a new inner firebox made of steel rather than the originally designed copper. Although the engine’s relatively large driving wheels can result in wheel-slip when departing Keighley on a wet rail, it has proved more than capable of handling our heaviest trains.

The locomotive was  finally withdrawn in 2013 and now is a resident at Oxenhope on static public view.

Featured image: Neil Harvey