Great Northern Railway in the West Riding, Vol.1

The updated Volume 1 of The Great Northern Railway in the West Riding, first published in 1999, is an excellent account with a superb collection of photographs of the main lines linking Doncaster, Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford together with secondary lines passing through Dewsbury, Batley and Pudsey. A must for anybody with an interest in the Railways around the West Riding.

In 1999, KWVR guard,  Martin Bairstow, published The Great Northern Railway in the West Riding covering the Company’s routes between Doncaster, Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford. In Part 2, Martin covered the routes in the west of the region centred around Bradford, Halifax and Keighley, The Queensbury Lines.

In a new revised version of Part 1, Martin covers the Great Northern lines serving Dewsbury, Batley and Pudsey and the Methley Joint Railway, all of which have now succumbed to the axman’s torch, as well as the lines serving Doncaster, Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford.

The line from Doncaster to Leeds is, of course, the major route, now electrified, from London to Leeds, but, with the exception of Bradford, all the other towns have lost their Great Northern connection, most being served, just like Halifax and Keighley, by more convenient routes of other pre-grouping companies.

Anyone with a fascination for the Great Northern routes cannot fail to find this book interesting and maybe, just like the website manager, it will bring back memories of trainspotting in the West Riding in a misspent youth.

Available at all the KWVR shops, Price £15.95.

These 2 photographs from the book show N1 0-6-2 tank locomotives familiar on the Great Northern Railway at Keighley.


GNR N1 0-6-2T no. 69483 stands in Leeds Central awaiting departure 7th September 1953. Photo: G. M. Staddon / N. E. Stead Collection


GNR N1 0-6-2T no. 69471 approaches Dewsbury Central from Wakefield about 1955. Photo: A. M. Ross