Scotch Flyer

Experience whisky tasting like never before aboard the Scotch Flyer! Enjoy 4 different varieties of Glenfiddich whisky served and presented by the Wright Wine Company onboard a heritage steam train, inside a luxurious Pullman carriage. Learn all that you need to know about your whisky from the history to mashing and fermentation, this really is the perfect event for any whisky lover.

The KWVR Whisky Tasting Experience

23rd March 2019 | £44.50 | 1hr 10 | Oxenhope | Pullman Car

The Scotch Flyer is a whisky tasting experience like never before. As you come inside the Pullman carriage aboard a heritage steam train you’ll be taken back in time to a place only those who could afford luxury travel in the early 1900s would know. You’ll take a seat in decadent, plush surroundings where you will be served 4 varieties of Glenfiddich whisky by premium whisky connoisseurs, the Wright Wine Company. As you travel along the 5-mile line from Oxenhope to Keighley and return, you will be taken on a tasting journey to learn everything that you need to know about the whisky you are drinking, from the history to mashing and fermentation, all whilst you take in the beautiful views of the Bronte countryside along the way.

Your journey will last around 1hr and 10 minutes. Should you really enjoy a whisky on the day, you will be given the opportunity to buy a bottle to take a bottle home to enjoy for longer. Your ticket also includes a Day Rover, meaning you can travel up and down the railway all day, visit stations and the Railstory Museums at Ingrow West Station. You will also have access to another luxurious carriage throughout your visit. The Jubilee Bar will be available should you want to purchase any more drinks during your time on the Scotch Flyer or before and afterwards. The Jubilee Bar offers a range of drinks and snacks from real-ale, spirits, wine and whisky to nuts and crisps to compliment your tasting experience. This event truly is perfect for any whisky lover.

Your ticket includes: The Scotch Flyer whisky tasking experience, access to the Jubilee Bar all day and a Day Rover Ticket that includes unlimited travel on the railway for the day (on passenger carriages – access to the Pullman Cars is permitted during your time slot only)  and free entry to Railstory Museums.

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23rd March 2019
13:25 – 14:40
14:55 – 16:10
16:25 – 17:40