Vintage Carriages Trust Coaches

Vintage carriages Trust have a wonderful fleet of historic carriages in their Museum of Rail Travel, a few of which see occasional use on special trains.

The Vintage Carriages Trust (VCT) own a fleet of vintage coaches some being over 100 years old. VCT operate the Museum of Rail Travel at Ingrow West and their fleet is primarily to demonstrate travel by rail through the ages at their museum. Some of the coaches are capable of running in passenger service but, due to their role in the museum and their antiquity, are not used on regular service trains but do see occasional use on special trains.

As such their fleet is designated with a status of ‘Out of Service’. From the fleet the following can be considered  suitable for a run on the mainline.

These coaches are:
Metropolitan Railway 7 Compartment Brake Third no. 427
Metropolitan Railway 9 Compartment Third no. 465
Metropolitan Railway 7 Compartment First no. 509
Southern Railway Corridor ‘Matchboard’ Brake Third no. 3554
British Railways Bulleid-design Open Third no. S1469

For further information on the fascinating history of these vehicles and all the coaches in the VCT collection, click HERE to visit their comprehensive website.