Oakworth Gardens

Oakworth Station, probably the most famous station on the line, has always been had picture postcard beauty as year after year the Oakworth team have kept their gardens in blooming splendour. And 2019 is no different.

This is probably the prettiest station on the line (although other stations may dispute that) and home to the film of “The Railway Children.”

The station has an open aspect in front with views up the valley side. The opposite side of the track is open and lawned.

This area has been undergoing some essential track and drain maintenance during the past couple of years and we are currently trying to reinstate the grass with the recently added old sleepers for edging. Originally it did contain a passing loop.

The platform has purpose built flower beds, barrels and hanging baskets looked after by gardeners Rebekah Ashworth and Ken Shipley.

The Station Master, Richard Ashworth and all the other members of the team help maintain the station which is an ongoing task with the booking hall having currently undergone some essential repair and maintenance work.

As it is a grade 2 listed building this all has to be done with the utmost care and appropriately through the correct channels.

This can make what may seem to others a simple task rather time consuming and sometimes a costly process. The station staff also assists with watering duties and grass cutting throughout the summer months.

By the signal is a memorial garden looked after by Rosemary and Paul Midgley.

The fairly recent addition of the herb sleeper beds in the car park have continued to thrive after help in construction from our own Young Persons Group. The planting was done by Oakworth Primary School during their community week. This has now become a popular feature and has received lots of positive comments from the local community who regularly enjoy the produce.

We removed a large laurel tree from the stone bed as advised by a previous year’s judge and so we have now been able to carry on the theme of edible planting by adding some new fruit bushes which appear to be bearing fruit this year and thriving well.

We are also continuing to improve the goods shed area garden to enhance the unique Midland goods shed. The plan is to incorporate a composting system reusing old sleepers within this area in addition to some further low maintenance planting as and when time and manpower allows. There are also a couple of old loco chimneys which have been given to us so when there is a crane available and on site these will be situated and planted up with relevant smoke and steam themed colour planting.