LMS 9 Compartment Third

Mass transport on the LMS

Designed by Sir William Stanier for city commuter traffic, these ‘modern’ suburban coaches were built, almost altered for almost 20 year.

Coaches built by the LMS and BR

With no corridor connections, the suburban coaches did not present the Railway Executive with the same incompatibility problems that long distance stock gave them. As such they continued to be built for a few years after nationalisation.



Of modern construction techniques with steel body sides, the Railway has the only examples of a type of LMS coach designed by Sir William Stanier for local and suburban work around the LMS system. These two coaches, built 13 years apart at the Wolverton Works in Buckinghamshire, the only two remaining intact examples of several thousand built. Although the older of the two, M12066M worked on the KWVR for many years, sadly, both out of traffic and not on public view tucked away out of sight at Oxenhope pending restoration at some time in the future.

Proposals have been put forward to have this pair joined by a Driving Trailer from the National Collection to form an authentic Push and Pull train of the type that was seen for many years at work on the Worth Valley branch. However this proposal is only in its infancy and would take many years to complete.