Goods Wagons and Non-Passenger Vehicles

Essential ‘kit’ for all railway systems

Whilst the passenger carrying vehicles carry the prestige of the railways, it was the humble goods wagon and parcel van, built in their thousands, which were the backbone of the railways in peacetime and war.

From carriage luggage vans to coal trucks

The Railway has a substantial collection of goods and non-passenger carrying vehicles. All have a specific purpose which warrant their preservation, ranging from the storage of various items of heavy equipment through to holding simple items, like gardening equipment.

Some are mostly static and can only be moved with care whilst others are maintained in full working order, either for regular use (mostly by the Civil Maintenance Department) or to be used on demonstration freight trains during one of our special events.

The details of the wagons can be found in the latest edition of the Railway’s Stockbook available from the Railway’s shop.