Virtual Locomotive Allocation for Easter Week, 11th – 17th April

During the time ‘Flying Scotsman’ is on the branch a total of 4 steam locomotives will be in operation at various times, 60103, 75078, 43924 and 90733, plus our Class 101 diesel multiple on Saturday. Take care and stay safe. Continue reading

Our virtual rosters appear to be well received so this week we go back to 2017 and the unforgettable week we had with a famous celebrity. With social isolation now biting into all our lives, it’s time to bring back the virtual crowds to our part of West Yorkshire. This week we go back to Saturday 1st April for our Easter week roster of virtual running and whilst our guest locomotive is heading from Oxenhope to Carlisle, two stalwarts of our steam fleet are holding the fort on Saturday and Sunday.

But on Monday 10th April the virtual crowds will flock to the Worth Valley to see our star of the show, BR (LNER ) A3 4-6-2 60103 Flying Scotsman.

We start the Easter weekend with two steam locomotives operating both days of the weekend and our diesel multiple unit on Saturday plus three locomotives in steam from Monday, 13th, right through to the following Friday, 17th April. Indeed, these are exciting virtual times indeed.

  • Saturday 11th April
    Virtual Steam service – British Railways WD 2-8-0 90733
    Virtual Steam service – British Railways Class 4MT 4-6-0 75078
    Diesel service – Metropolitan-Cammel Diesel Multiple Unit Class 101 No’s. M51189 & Sc51803
    Timetable – Virtually Blue Timetable
  • Easter Sunday 12th April:
    Virtual Steam service – British Railways WD 2-8-0 90733
    Virtual Steam service – British Railways Class 4MT 4-6-0 75078
    Timetable – Virtually Blue Timetable.
  • Easter Monday 13th April – Friday 17th April
    Virtual Steam Service – BR (LNER ) A3 4-6-2 60103 Flying Scotsman (Oxenhope end) plus WD 2-8-0 90733 (Keighley end)
    Virtual Steam service – Midland Railway Class 4F 0-6-0 43924
    Timetable – Virtually Special Train & bus timetable (pay on the day – Flying Scotsman advance tickets ONLY!)).



Passenger Train Banking

Under normal operating conditions the banking of passenger trains by a steam locomotive is not permitted. In the past when passenger services have been top and tailed by a steam engine the “banking” engine is towed and gives no assistance. As most will know, Flying Scotsman is not an ideal engine for a twisting 5 mile branchline with severe gradients on tight curves and tight turnouts.

Some have asked questions about the easing of the branch axle loading to allow ‘Scotsman’ to operate on the line. 60103 exceeds the permitted axle load for the KWVR and is not permitted to pass over a curve of less than 6 chains radius. Its operation has been authorised subject to a number of special restrictions, in particular, 60103 will be limited to 20 mph and must not slip when passing over 4 of our bridges as slipping may damage the bridges in question.

To minimise the risk of slipping the train, which will consist of 8 coaches (including 2 Pullman coaches), will be banked in the rear by our own locomotive and should result in some spectacular departures from Keighley.

[caption id="attachment_60754" align="aligncenter" widtx="800"] 5820 has passed and 90733 comes into view.[/caption]

Banking trial 4th February, 90733 gives rear assistance non-stop through Ingrow.