Bridge 11 Update

Our last report focused on the delivery of the new bridge to Ingrow West Station and its subsequent movement to the site of this major project. Now the real work begins, when volunteers and contractors move on site on Monday 16th March.

The last passenger train headed by Standard Class 2 78022 and captured by regular contributor, Chris King, has rumbled across the old 'Bridge 11' and all eight concrete bridge components are now on site (see previous report) ready for the big lift starting Monday, 16th March.

Although it has been a few weeks since the concrete beams were moved on site from Ingrow, the civil engineers have not been idle.

Work in the last few weeks has included drilling replacement sleepers in Oakworth Yard ready to take track over the new bridge, laying a pathway through Ingrow Tunnel and, recently, building a walkway between the banks of the River Worth.

What happens now?