50 Years of Santa Steam Specials – Part 2, 1991 – 2015

The Santa Steam Special season has come to a close for another year and the Railway can look back with great pride at over 50 years of success and after 51 years, in 2016, we carried more excited families on this wonderful journey. This is our second photographic record, covering the years 1991 – 2015 and we look forward to carrying on this tradition for many years to come.

One month ago, we published Part 1 of this photographic record of 50 years of Santa Steam Specials. Now, as the 2016 season draws to a close, we celebrate the second 25 years of the day that Santa's train rumbled out of Haworth Yard hauled by a J72 class 0-6-0T 69023 'Joem'.

Our membership and the general public have sent us their photographic record of those 50 years, without them this would have been a scant offering, thank you. Below is a sample from the second 25 years which brings the total number of images of those 50 years to over 240 photographs. So just follow this link to see Santa Steam Specials - Part 2, 1991 - 2015.

As with the first 25 years, some years are covered well and others with just a solitary image. If you have photographs to contribute to this wonderful record of the Railway's achievements, send them to news@kwvr.co.uk .


Did you miss the first 25 years? If so just follow this link to see Santa Steam Specials - Part 1, 1965 - 1990.