‘Keeping on Track’ – Existing Donors and Benefits

The now closed ‘Keeping on Track’ appeal for KWVRPS members promised a series of benefits, graduated according to the level of the donation.  We had hoped to be able to meet these promises by the end of the year when it was hoped the Covid-19 difficulties would be over.

In the event the ongoing pandemic has made this impossible and we have had to revise our plans.  This notice is being provided so that our benefactors are brought up to date; there are many of them and we feel sure that they would not wish us to use valuable money by writing through the post.

Those donors who are just entitled to the ‘Benefactors Badge’ will now be sent this before Easter. Even this has been delayed by Covid, as our supplier has had to reduce production significantly but is now back in business.

Beyond this, other benefactors are entitled to other additional benefits which, depending on their level of support, may include a place in the draw for places on a Pullman Dining train, a Footplate Ride and/or an invitation to a Benefactors’ Day.  For those who are in these categories, we propose to hand their badges to them on the Benefactors’ Day (or post them out afterwards).

Provision of these benefits is entirely dependent on the railway’s ability to operate trains but at present, that is simply not possible nor can we predict with any confidence when it might happen. We therefore intend to wait until we can be certain of dates before further communicating. However please rest assured that we will be in touch with the members concerned to advise further arrangements just as soon as possible.

Thank you for bearing with us, if you wish to know any more about this, or anything else to do with the railway please do not hesitate to contact us, not at the public e-mail address or telephone line, but to Society Chairman, Dr. Matthew Stroh by email address at matt.stroh@kwvr.co.uk or call our Chairman on 07855 258535.

Thank you for your support and understanding

David Pearson
Co-ordinator, Fundraising and External Support