Train Timetable

Sulzer & Ale Day

Event date: 5 August 2017

The Diesel & Ale Days first introduced on the 29th April have proved so popular, the Railway has added another to the Summer itinerary. Sulzer & Ale Day on the 5th August, in association with Goose Eye Brewery of Keighley, will celebrate the official re-launch into traffic of Class 25 no. 25 059.

5th August will mark the official re-launch into traffic, after extensive bodywork repairs, of our Class 25 diesel no. 25 059. As with the previous Diesel & Ale Days the trains will be sponsored by a local real ale brewery, on this occasion, Goose Eye Brewery of Keighley and is a Summer warm up to our 2017 Beer and Music Festival on the 19th – 22nd October.

Diesel hauled services will operate from mid-afternoon with the 14.45 departure from Oxenhope and will continue through to early evening with the last departure, the 21.00 from Keighley, arriving back at Oxenhope at 21.25.

The on-train bar, exclusively serving a selection of hand-pulled Goose Eye Brewery ales, will feature the special ‘Sulzer Ale’ brewed and named especially for the event. (Sulzer refers to the manufacturer of the engine fitted to the locomotive.)

And to top of the day, you will be able to enjoy live music at Keighley by Night Patrol between 18.30 and 19.30 when hot food will also be available at Keighley.

This service operates in addition to the steam train service on which, subject to availability, a real-ale buffet car will also be provided.

If you would like more information about the locomotive 25 059, follow the 25 059 link to the website page.

Sulzer and Ale Day, in association with ‘Goose Eye brewery’ – part of our exciting new series of ‘Diesel and Ale Day’ events.

Other Diesel & Ale Days for 2017 and the diesel locomotive scheduled to haul them are:
29th July – Wishbone Brewery, Keighley – 20 031
26th August – Salamander Brewery, Bradford – 37 075
30th September – Sunbeam Brewery, Leeds – 20 031