Train Timetable

Beer & Music Festival

17th - 20th October 2019

From Thursday 17th October through to Sunday 20th October, the Railway is transformed into a 5 mile beer Festival with bars at Oxenhope (every day), Ingrow (Friday to Sunday only) and Keighley (Friday & Saturday only). Our steam trains will also convey on-train bars from Friday to Sunday.

From Thursday 17th October through to Sunday 20th October, the Railway is transformed into a 5-mile long beer and music festival with bars at Oxenhope, Ingrow and Keighley Station as well as a real-ale bar onboard our steam trains. There will also be live music at both Oxenhope and Ingrow from Friday to Sunday, where approximately 30 groups and solo artists will perform with a wide range of genres, from pop and rock to jazz and country – there’s sure to be something for everyone.


The main festival site is at Oxenhope Station in the Exhibition Shed, where there will be the main Festival bar, sponsored by Lord’s Brewery, with 100 different cask conditioned beers, both local and from all around the country. Alongside the main bar we are joined by 4 brewery bars, Kirkstall, Bridgehouse, Brass Castle and Goose Eye breweries; together we will be serving over 130 beer varieties! Most trains will have bars throughout the weekend. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Railway’s Jubilee Bar Car will be part of the ‘Kirkstall Three Swords’ train offering beers from our event main sponsor Kirkstall Brewery of Leeds, including their thirst quenching pale ale ‘Three Swords’. The Railway’s normal on-train bar will be part of the ‘Ossett Brewery Express’, stocking beers from the Ossett Brewery group breweries.

However this Festival is not just for the beer drinkers out there, we have something for everyone. There will be a specialist Cider bar at Oxenhope and we don’t leave out wine or gin drinkers; there will be a wine & gin bar provided by Martinez Wines, selling a fine selection of their white, red and rose wines along with the odd bottle of prosecco and artisan gins!

On Friday, Saturday & Sunday we will also have brewery bars at Ingrow, provided by Nomadic Beers, Wishbone and Vocation breweries. We intend to have about 20 different beers available at Ingrow, both cask conditioned and CAMRA approved real ale served from KeyKegs. There will also be a small selection of traditional and fruit ciders on offer as well as the ever popular ‘Cocktail & Gin Shack’ provided by Bronte Bars and Events.

Bingley Brewery will also be joining us and their bar on platform 4 at Keighley will be open between 11.00 and 20.30 on Friday & Saturday.

A selection of different food offerings will be available at Oxenhope, Ingrow and Keighley.