Train Timetable

Autumn Steam Spectacular 2015

Event date: 9 October 2015 - 11 October 2015 Location: KWVR

Autumn Steam Spectacular – a fantastic, all action three days of steam.

Autumn Steam Spectacular – a fantastic, all action three days of steam.

Due to circumstance beyond our control, it is with heart felt regret that, despite the tremendous efforts of our volunteers, both the advertised visiting locomotive Great Western Railway, 49xx Class 4-6-0 4936 Kinlet Hall and KWVR resident 34092 ‘Wells’ are unable to attend this event.

Locomotives from the Autumn Steam Spectacular will now consist of locomotives from the home fleet:

• BR Standard 4MT 75078 in fully lined BR livery
• WD 2-8-0 90733 – weathered and re-numbered 90711, a Bradford, Low Moor shed locomotive that hauled demolition trains on the Queensbury lines

• Midland 4F 0-6-0 43924
• USATC S160 2-8-0 “Big Jim” No.5820
• LNWR 0-6-2 ‘Coal Tank’ 1054 – (Courtesy of Bahamas Loco society)

In addition
• Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T 1704 Nunlow will be in steam at Ingrow offering a combination of Brake Van rides and shunting demonstrations on Saturday & Sunday– (Courtesy of Bahamas Loco Society)
• Taff Vale Railway O2 0-6-2T 85 after overhaul will be in light steam in Haworth yard
• Grafton Steam Crane will be in steam and operating in Oakweorth Yard on Saturday

Locomotive Identity Change

WD 2-8-0 90733 to become 90711 – Weathered.
We have the permission of the caretaker of WD 90733 to weather and re-number the loco to 90711, ex-Bradford Low Moor shed. This member of the class took part in the demolition trains that ran on the Queensbury Branch – meaning that it quite possibly ran through Keighley Station in BR life.

Rolling Stock

Full BR corridor gangway set.
Full BR Maroon Suburban set (ex-Kings Cross) – unique to the KWVR
A Pullman style ‘Boat Train’ featuring our 1930s Pullman Cars ‘Ann’ & Mary’, plus coaches from the Vintage Carriages Trust
Demonstration Freight Trains

Train Services:

The Railway will run intensively from 0830 most days into the early evening. Stations are gaslit during the evenings and give a night-time glow as your train rolls in.

The public passenger timetable is now available on the website, but for the enthusiast who likes details of all movements on the day, passenger, goods and light engine movements, the Working Timetable can be downloaded HERE now.>>>>

Freight Trains

A branch goods train will be in operation during the weekend and will be highlighted on the working timetable for each day.

Express Trains

Steam gala weekends offer a rare chance to fly through our intermediate stations at full speed of 25mph on our non-stop services.

Enthusiast Photographic Charters (revised)

Over the Gala we will again bring you 3 photo charter opportunities:

Friday – Evening Photo Shoot at Keighley.
The Friday evening shoot will feature our Pullman and Suburban sets at Keighley Station with lighting provided by Jason Cross. The intention is to use 75078 (freshly re-painted) and 43924 in cameos with respective trains in Keighley Station.

The shoot will commence approximately at 19.00 with a finish time about 21.15.

Saturday – WD 90711 Evening Photo Shoot.
The Saturday photo shoot will utilise the weathered WD on a short goods starting at Keighley, stopping off at a number of stations to get branch line goods shots and finishing at Oxenhope.
Start time about 19.00, finishing at 21.30.

Sunday – WD 90711 Morning Goods
90711 will again be utilised on our usual Sunday morning photo charter on a short goods rake. It will be an early start at 07.40 at Oxenhope, finishing at Keighley around 09.10.

All charters must be booked in advance and are £25 per person, payment, none refundable, to be made at the time of booking. To book your place on one or all of the charters, call Haworth Station, on 01535 645214 between 10.00 and – 16.00, Monday – Friday.

Lineside Photography

We appreciate that Galas give enthusiasts an excellent opportunity to photograph a superb mix of locomotives and trains, not normally available on normal running days. In the interests of safety we would like to remind everyone wishing to take photographs at the lineside from within KWVR boundaries MUST be in possession of an up-to-date MEMBERSHIP card, a valid PHOTOGRAPHY PERMIT and a HI-VISIBILITY vest or jacket.

Members of the KWVR staff will be on hand on each day of the event to ensure that everyone has these 3 items. Anyone not in possession of these items will be politely requested to vacate the Railway’s lineside locations, as attendance under these circumstances, constitutes trespass on private property.

Restrictions. Keighley – Please note that access to the lineside is via platform 3 only. Photographers are not permitted to access the lineside via platform 4 as there is a specific risk of injury due to the limited clearance on the bridge immediately at the end of platform 4.
Haworth Yard – Due to the large number of movements, Haworth Yard and Motive Power Depot are completely out of bounds for the duration the of the Gala.

Lineside etiquette. Every photographer wants that perfect shot and will take up any position, however uncomfortable, in order to take it. On behalf of all photographers, can we request that before taking up your favoured position, you ensure that you are not in the direct line of sight of other photographers who may have taken up position before you.

Neighbour’s property. The Railway relies heavily on the goodwill of our neighbours. If taking up a position outside the Railway’s property, please respect our neighbours and ensure that gates are shut and the location is left in the presentable state you found it.

Submission of Photographs

With the introduction of the new website, 1 year ago, the Railway, through the website itself and our on-line photo album, now has the opportunity to showcase the best of the photographs taken on and around the Railway. The railway therefore welcomes contributions from all photographers, from the highly experienced to the inexperienced, taken with the latest photographic kit with lenses that run into thousands to the point and shoot pocket camera.

It is not who takes the photograph or what it is taken with, but purely the look of the end result. We welcome contributions from everybody, so, if you think you have shots worthy of inclusion in KWVR on-line, please send them to Ideally images should be no more than 1800 pixels x 1200 pixels, file size 1M. All inclusions are duly credited and treated as copyright of the taker.


To start your day, Oxenhope buffet is opening especially early and will be serving bacon and sausage butties to get you off to a fine start to the day. So fill up your tenders and replenish your tanks with a good hearty roll and a hot drink to make sure your long day gets off to a good start.

That should keep you going until lunchtime when you can top up your reserves with some good honest Yorkshire pie and peas, washed down by hot drink or something from the on-board bar where hand pulled real ale will served all day.

Arriving at Keighley or no time to wait at Oxenhope, you can fill up with the usual light snacks from the kiosk but also on Saturday and Sunday we’ll be serving the hot butties and pie and peas there as well.

Haworth Locomotive Works Tours

Encounter the excitement and nostalgia of the Loco works, with it’s exclusive sounds and smells, get up close to our fleet of Steam and Diesel locomotives with knowledgeable commentary from your experienced guide.

With all the service locomotives in use for the Gala, this is an ideal opportunity to see at first hand the restoration work being undertaken on Standard 2 78022 and Ivatt 41241. In addition Taff Vale 85 will be in light steam in the yard area.

Friday: 11.10, 11.50, 13.00, 13.45, 14.30, 15.20, 16.00
Saturday:  094.2, 10.40, 11.34, 12.19, 13.25, 14.34, 15.25, 16.32
Sunday: 11.15, 11.54, 12.43, 13.40, 14.35, 15.20.

These fascinating, behind the scenes, tours start from the Booking Hall at Haworth Station and will last for approximately 45 minutes. The tour involves walking on uneven and slippery surfaces, and includes steps. For this reason, it is not suitable for those with mobility problems. Regretfully open toed shoes are not permitted. Tours are limited to 16 persons. Access to the sheds is only permitted for authorised groups who must remain together at all times.

Please be aware that because this is both a hazardous and a working environment, tours may have to be curtailed or cancelled without notice. Children under 16, therefore, MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult. Details of times for the tours will be announced prior to the event. There is no charge, but we do ask guests to consider making a Gift Aided donation, usually in the region of £5, to the KWVR Charity (no 1136853).


To reflect the absence of the two locomotives, fares have been reduced as follows:

Day Rover
£19.00 £22.00 (adults)
£16.00 £19.00 (KWVR members/OAPs/disabled + 1 companion/Students & local residents)
£9.00 £11.00 (Children 5-15 inclusive)
£41.50 £49.00 (Family – 2+3)

2 Day Rover
£34.00 £39.00 (adults)
£28.50 £34.00 (KWVR members/OAPs/disabled + 1 companion/Students & local residents)
£16.50 £20.00 (children 5-15 inclusive)
£76.00 £88.50 (Family – 2+3)

3 Day Rover
£50 £55.00 (adults)
£40.00 £47.00 (KWVR members/OAPs/disabled + 1 companion/Students & local residents)
£23.00 £28.00 (children 5-15 inclusive)
£110.00 £126.00 (Family – 2+3)

KWVR Members please note – Free Members tickets are not valid during the 3 days of the event.

Trade Displays:

Groups from around the region will be displaying their varied layouts of different shapes and sizes.