Ruston & Hornsby Diesel Electric 0-4-0 Shunter ‘James’

Saved from the cutter’s torch, ‘James’ is part of the Bahamas Locomotive Society fleet.

‘James’ was built in 1959 by the Lincoln locomotive company, Ruston & Hornsby of Lincoln for the steel company Stewarts & Lloyd, Ltd. of Bilston, Staffordshire where it received its name. It continued in service until being sold in the mid-1980’s for scrap.

Like many preserved steam and diesel locomotives, fate played its part in the saving of this locomotive. The purchaser of the engine was a company that specialised in the renovation of diesel engines. Their intention was to fully overhaul the engine and sell it back into industrial use at a profit. When no buyer could be found, however, the company offered ‘James’ to the Heritage Railway Sector at a fraction of the cost it took to return it to full working order. The locomotive was purchased by a private member of the Bahamas Locomotive Society and arrived on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway in 1990.