Metropolitan-Cammel Diesel Multiple Unit Class 1O1 No’s. M51189 & Sc51803

Now the mainstay of the DMU fleet, the Class 101 has proved a reliable unit since restoration was completed.

The Class 101 diesel multiple units were introduced in large numbers during the 1950s and 60s and built by an outside manufacturer, Metro – Cammell, based in Birmingham. The class was primarily designed for use on both branch lines and some shorter inter-city routes and could operate at most locations around the country.

The two vehicles which are paired together here on the Worth Valley Railway never ran together during their career for British Rail. Originally, vehicle No. Sc51803 was allocated to Leith Central working services between Edinburgh and Dundee, and Stirling and Dunblane. Vehicle No. M51189, meanwhile, was allocated to Ryecroft depot in Walsall for local services out of Birmingham New Street. The prefix letters denote British Railways regions with “Sc” for Scotland and “M” for Midland Region.

Arriving in a fairly rundown state, the Class 101 DMU has been restored to a high standard and, on withdrawal of the Class 108, has taken over the DMU early morning turns when a 2 coach train is needed.

Featured image: News@KWVR