1927 – A Day in the Life of …

The “Day in the Life of … ” event is intended to recreate, so far as is possible with today’s operating requirements, culture and infrastructure, a timtetabled day in the life of the KWVR in 1927.

In the current climate of uncertainty we are continually reviewing all our 2020 events and will be able to confirm the status of each event in due course.
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“1927 – Day in the Life of … ” | Saturday 12th September | From 07.00 – 23.00 |

The year 1927 has been chosen simply because we have a lot of details of what happened that year, it includes a basic but reasonable bus service and the equipment that we have to operate the railway now is not wholly unlike that which would be used then.

The event is for families and railway enthusiasts alike with something for everyone.

A full day of activities, passenger services and delivery of goods to the village stations along the Valley.

Our passenger services normally operate from 09.00 until early evening but our special event, reflecting those far off days, will start about 07.00, taking the workforce from the Valley to their place of work in Keighley and beyond and will continue through the day and into the evening when the workers return to their homes from Ingrow to Oxenhope. The day will finally end with the last train to Oxenhope at about 23.00.

In addition, by 1927 the Bronte Bus Company was reasonably well established with the intention to compliment and feed the railway, rather than compete with it. One service linked Haworth and Oxenhope stations connecting with trains and another fed traffic to and from Stanbury. Although details are still being finalised, it is the intention to replicate those services with vehicles suitable to the period and guides giving commentaries of the route and history of the vehicles.

For families and visitors who like to visit places of historical interest

During the day from Keighley to Oxenhope we will have

  • Re-enactments
  • Commentaries
  • Interpretations
  • Activities

For the enthusiast

There will be much for the Railway enthusiast with services far removed from our normal weekend operations

  • Varied train service
  • Unique combinations of locomotives and coaches
  • Turntable operation at Keighley
  • Regular goods trains
  • Shunting
  • Travel in brake vans
  • Guided Tours and talks

Theatre, Education and Entertainment

Throughout the day we will be depicting the lives and events of those who worked on the KWVR in 1927:

  • The train crew
  • The Station Staff
  • A Signalman at Damems Station
  • A Weighbridge attendant at Oakworth
  • A turntable attendant on Keighley turntable
  • A goods train guard
  • A passenger train guard
  • The Signal & Telegraph Lineman at Oakworth
  • The Gas Man at both Haworth and Oakworth

Further details will be released in due course. Keep a look out on the website and social media as the year progresses and more detailed information becomes available