Compartment Coaches of the ‘Back in Steam’

At a time when our visitors are looking for an enjoyable day out in a safe environment, away from the worries of the coronavirus, here at the KWVR we can provide an enjoyable and almost unique experience for passengers in our collection of ex British Railways and vintage compartment carriages.

In order to provide an enjoyable experience for passengers, the KWVR are in the enviable position of possessing an excellent collection of ex British Railway compartment suburban carriages.

In addition, thankfully, our partners at the Vintage Carriages Trust and Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust, own between them a superb collection of Victorian and early 20th century vintage coaches to give passengers on some services a vintage experience from a time gone by.

British Railways Suburban Carriages

Non-Gangwayed Lavatory Composite Coach

1st Class Suburban travel for the wealthy businessman who is looking for a touch of ‘luxury’ is provided in this composite coach.

This type of coach was built for outer suburban commuter services, divided into first and second class compartment sections linked to independent toilets (not in use on our service) via a side corridor. Those paying for the privilege of travelling first class have the benefit of arm rests and extra legroom.

9 Compartment Suburban Carriage

Built for commuter traffic in and out of our cities in the rush hour, the British Railways built high density compartment coaches with 9 compartments and seating for 108.

6 Compartment Suburban Brake Carriage

This carriage is just like the 9 compartment carriage with the space of three of the compartments taken up by the guards / brake van

Vintage Carriages from Victorian Times and Early 20th Century

Coaches of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway

1st Class 4 Compartment 6-wheel carriage, no. 279

Built in the 1880s was withdrawn after 30 years service to serve as a family home, 279 was rescued and restored by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust to the immaculate condition you see today

3rd Class 6 Compartment 6-wheel carriage, no. 1507

Like no. 279, built in the 1880s and withdrawn after 30 years service to serve as a home for newly employed miners, 1507 was also rescued and restored by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust and is testimony to the superb standard or restoration of all their coaches

3rd Class 5 Compartment Brake Coach no. 1474

The third coach is a 5 compartment brake coach, no. 1474 built in 1910, serving as a mess van in Manchester when its passenger days finished and purchased for preservation in 1965. 1474 was fully restored to the condition you see it today and entered service in 1993

Coaches of the Vintage Carriages Trust (VCT)

3rd Class Metropolitan Railway 9 Compartment Carriage no. 465

This carriage is a 9 compartment 3rd Class carriage built in 1919 for the Metropolitan Railway in London for services to the north of the capital. This coach was one of the first coaches to arrive on the Railway in the 1960s and is normally kept at Ingrow

3rd Class Southern Railway side corridor Brake Carriage no. 3544

Built in 1924 for the newly formed Southern Railway to a design, almost identical to vehicles built by the South Eastern & Chatham Railway for Boat Train traffic to and from the London Termini to Dover or Folkestone. The coach is beautifully restored as part of the VCT fleet at Ingrow.