Civils Spring Possession

Civils Spring Possession (formally known as S&T Week)

James Barlow reports on the activities of the Spring Civil Week

The Spring Possession (formerly known as S&T Week) was a much lower key than we hoped with the main job being the renewal of the hinges at Oakworth Level Crossing. With the new gates to follow soon. Work was completed successfully.

Other work was cancelled in January when the COVID-19 lockdown 3.0 was enforced as we all felt it was unlikely to be released anytime soon.

However, some work cropped up that needed to be undertaken. Joe Curtis did a track recording run with a trolley a few weeks ago and identified a problem through Oxenhope foot crossing. Removing the foot crossing to undertake the repair would be difficult, but it was also unlikely that the foot crossing would go back in as it was past its best. In addition lots of water now runs down the footpath, washing silt into the ballast.

Over the course of four days, under Joe’s lead, we removed the foot crossing across the main line, removed the contaminated ballast, installed new drainage, repaired the track fault and put a new foot crossing deck in place, in future the foot crossing can be removed much more simply so the track can be repaired with less hassle. Now we know what the new crossing deck will be built from, the additional timber has been ordered and the rest of the foot crossing will be renewed over the coming weeks.

Not a bad little job.

James Barlow