Bridge 11 – Update

Bridge 11 is the subject of a £150,000 appeal to replace this ageing structure and on the 29th & 30th January the first major work too place, when the sections of the new bridge were moved from Ingrow to the site of the work.

Until the end of January, despite much publicity about the condition of Bridge 11 at Ingrow and the £150,000 appeal to fund its replacement, there have been few signs to the general public of the impending work.

That all changed on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th January when the new Bridge 11 was delivered to Ingrow and the 8 constituents parts moved by rail to sit alongside the tracks ready for the major work to take place in late March, when the 115 year old bridge will be removed and the new bridge craned into place.

Here we present a record of the move from Ingrow to Bridge 11.

Wednesday morning, 29th January two of our mainline diesels, Class 20, 20 031, and Class 37, 37 075, headed north from Haworth Yard to Ingrow. 37 075 collected the Bahamas Locomotive Society’s steam breakdown crane together with a goods van and brake van and propelled them to just north of Bridge 11. Crane in position ready for the day’s work, 37 075 detached the jib runner (the truck that carries the crane jib) from the crane and ran up to Keighley with its now much reduced load, where the 2 wagons were stabled for later in the day.

Meanwhile 20 031, with three wagons attached, had the four sections of the new bridge loaded in Ingrow Yard, before propelling them up to the crane for offloading on site, north of Bridge 11.

As each wagon was unloaded, the Class 20 returned to Ingrow Yard, disposed of the empty truck then returned on site for the next truck to be unloaded.

At the end of the day, with all bridge components laying by the track, the Class 20 returned to Ingrow Yard. The Class 37 then returned with the jib runner, returning it, the crane and the other trucks to Ingrow Yard ready for the next day’s work at the south end of Bridge 11.

With the equivalent four bridge sections (two side and two deck), the same procedures took place to move the southern bridge sections in place ready for the big lift in March.

And so the four deck sections and four side sections lay at Ingrow ready for the big lift that will take place between the 16th March and 3rd April when the old Bridge 11, after 115 years service, will be removed and the new bridge craned into place, ready to serve the Railway for another 115 years.

For more information about Bridge 11 and how you can contribute to the appeal, click HERE.