Beer & Music Festival – Tokens

Like many other similar events, drink sales will be by token and not cash.

The main festival bar at Oxenhope, brewery bars at Oxenhope, Ingrow & Keighley, cider bars at Oxenhope & Ingrow, the wine & gin bar at Oxenhope and on-train bars will all accept tokens. Each drink token is ½ a pint of beer or cider so you’ll require 2 tokens for a pint. Wine can be purchased in measures of 125ml, 175ml or by the bottle and the number of tokens required will be advertised at the event.

A small number of stronger or more ‘expensive for us to buy’ draught beers may require the payment of a cash supplement at the bar, or require the use of more than one token and/or be served in a smaller measure.

The on-train bars will not accept tokens for hot drinks, snacks & sweets, or spirits/fortified wines.

Please note specially that the ‘Cocktail & Gin Shack’ at Ingrow will be cash only and drink tokens will not be valid at this bar.

Individual Drink Tokens:
£1.80 each
6 tokens: £10.00

Drink tokens will be on sale at Oxenhope, Ingrow & Keighley at various points at each location. There is a card machine in the shed at Oxenhope to allow you to purchase drink tokens on your credit/debit cards. Both on-train bars will also sell drink tokens.

Drink tokens will be valid for all 4-days of the event, so if you have tokens left over on one day they can be used on any of the other days. Do make sure you do not buy too many tokens as they can’t be used after this event and are strictly non-refundable.

Cash & Card Payments

When purchasing drink tokens cash and card payments are accepted.

Cash Machines

Note: The railway does not have a cash machine at any of the stations. Nearest cash machines to our stations are:

  • Keighley: ASDA supermarket, 3 min walk from Keighley Station
  • Haworth: Local SPAR store opposite the Station
  • Oxenhope: Oxenhope village local CO-OP store, a 10 min walk into the village from Oxenhope station.